There are 4 body massage spa centers in Raghuveer business park vesu location. However, there’s one more shop in this business park that is neither a spa nor a body massage center. It’s something else. I will come upon this later in this article.

But first, let’s talk about this four body massage spa and the Raghuveer business park.

Raghuveer Business Park in Vesu, Surat

The Raghuveer Business Park is located on the Vesu Cross Road (Vesu Chowkdi). The nearest landmark is S.D. Jain school. If you are at the Vesu Chowkdi then head into the Hazira direction.

raghuvir business park surat image 1

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The business park falls between the Happy Home Residency and Safal Square. If you have been following Spa Reviews religiously then you know about Safal Square.

It’s the famous shopping complex where the V5 Thai Spa is located. I will soon write about spa and body massage centers in Safal Square. Till then let’s catch up with the ones in Raghuveer.

4 Body Massage Spa in Raghuveer Business Park Vesu

As there are four different body massage centers in a single location we will go floor by floor. For example, we will start from the bottom and go upwards.

1. Thaya spa (Earlier Known as Relaxo Thai Spa)

thaya spa surat

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  • Spa Name: Thaya Spa (Previously Known as Relaxo Thai Spa
  • Location: Shop No. UG-18, 1st Floor, Raghuvir Business Park, Opposite Jolly Party Plot, Vesu, Surat – 395007, Near Vesu Chokdi, Near Safal Square
  • Contact: +91 9726267111
  • Therapist: Professional female thai massage therapist

Checkout the Thaya spa on Just Dial.

I know this spa personally and the previous owner of this spa. Earlier it was known as Relaxo spa. The previous owner was a bit naughty and had a weird sensual attraction for thai massage girls. He would go crazy seeing beautiful thai girls and I have literally seen him do this.

He used to take thai massage from his own staff every day and would ask for extra services too. Instead of managing the spa he would be busy getting himself rub all day long. That was strange. Now the management is new and luckily that weirdo is gone.

2. Sabaidee Thai Spa

sabaidee thai spa surat

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  • Spa Name: Sabaidee Thai Spa
  • Location: 218, 3rd Floor, Raghuvir Business Park, University Road, Vesu, Surat – 395007, Besides Safal Square, Opposite Shell Petrol Pump.
  • Contact: +91 9925158778
  • Therapist: Professional female thai massage therapist

Checkout Sabaidee thai spa on Just Dial.

The Sabaidee thai spa is exactly located on the 3rd floor above the Thaya spa. It’s a new opening and they have some very gorgeous massage therapist out there. Do checkout. The facility is neat and clean.

3. A-One Spa

A-one spa vesu raghuveer business park

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  • Spa Name: A-One Spa
  • Location: 214, 3rd Floor, Raghuveer Business Park, University Road, Udhna Magdala Road, Surat – 394210
  • Contact: +91 9724864187
  • Therapist: Female Indian massage therapist

Checkout A-One spa on Just Dial.

First thing first, this is not a thai spa. Second, this spa is run by Indian massage therapists who don’t know what is a massage. Yeah. that’s true and I am serious. They do everything except massage.

If you check their local listing on just dial the address is incomplete. Now you can make out what kind of massage enter it is who can’t even furnish their address properly. The image above is from their Just Dial page.

4. Anmol spa on 3rd floor 205

anmol beauty spa vesu surat beauty spas

Image: Just Dial

  • Spa Name: Anmol Spa
  • Location: Shop No. 204/205, Raghuveer Business Park, Vip Road, Vesu, Surat – 395007, Opposite Shell Petrol Pump, Near Safal Square
  • Contact: +91 8320432712
  • Therapist: Female Indian massage therapist

Similar to the A-One spa this is also not a traditional thai massage center. Indian girls run this spa. And even they don’t know anything about a massage. Do checkout Anmol Spa on Just Dial.

So, that was it with the 4 body massage centers in the Raghuveer business park at Vesu. Now let me tell you something about a small secret shop on the 1st floor of this shopping complex. I mentioned it at the beginning of this article.

A Secret Shop on the First Floor

It’s a small shop with barely two-room. However, it’s not a spa. Although there are 2 rooms with good interior and thai massage beds still it is not a spa.

Why? Let me tell you this. Interesting details are ahead so don’t skip reading.

This shop is exactly in front of the Thaya spa. They both share a common corridor. Now if you remember I told you about the previous owner of the Thaya spa when it was Relaxo Thai Spa.

Exclusive Rooms With Thai Beds for Rich Clients

The previous owner designed the Relaxo spa and made a separate arrangements for rich clients to have some fun. To do this he made a small spa with just 2 rooms having thai massage beds and a bathroom. See the image below.

thai massage bed

Image: Google Search

The rooms were not especially for a massage but for something else. How do I know all this? It is because I was invited to the opening ceremony of the Relaxo spa. And while showing out his weirdo flex in front of his rich guests I came to know about the special rooms.

Are they still there?

Yeah, pretty much. These two rooms are still functioning. A female is operating all activities (except massage) out there currently. This two-room spa has nothing to do with the Thaya Spa.

As I told you the previous owner is gone now and the Thaya spa management has also changed. They don’t endorse this 2 room spa.

If you ask me whether one should visit this secret place then it’s a big NO. Avoid such places at every cost. I have been to such horrible places, have met dangerous people operating such things, and have encountered bad experiences.