Thai massage by Indian therapist (girl) is an awesome experience. Atleast they can understand what you are telling them 😆. This is my first thai massage review from an Indian girl here in Surat.

Check out whether thai massage by an Indian massage therapist was good, bad or worst. Before we review the massage at 9 hills spa let’s catch up with some quick details about the spa.

Quick Details About 9 Hills Spa

  • Spa Name: 9 Hills Spa and Salon
  • Location: Shop no.Hg-3, SNS Square, Near Reliance Market, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat.
  • Contact: 99047 06999
  • Massage: Thai Massage with Aroma Oil
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (45 min massage & 15 min shower)
  • Charges: Rs.1500 onwards
  • Happy Ending: YES (Extra Charge Applicable)

About the 9 Hills Spa

Location & Landmarks

The 9 hills spa is located in Vesu. If you are at the VR Mall Dumas road then take the University road. The S. D. Jain school and Vesu Point are famous landmarks around this spa.

Moreover, the spa is on the first floor and the owner has put name banners. It’s easy to find the 9 hills spa. There are banks in the SNS square complex on the ground floor. One is the State Bank of India and the other is the ICICI bank.

I think it won’t be difficult to locate this spa at Vesu.

The Spa Ambience

The spa is beautifully decorated with modern interiors. Additionally, they also have a salon set up. I have no idea about their salon services.

A small reception area with comfortable cushion sofas will welcome you. Don’t be surprised if there’s no one at the reception. They are busy in the salon.

Massage Therapists

All massage therapists are Indian. They are from Mumbai. Let me tell you one thing, thai massage & Indian therapist is a deadly combination. I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in Surat, one can hardly find an Indian therapist who’s an expert thai masseuse.

I was lucky I got a good one. 😉 I will talk about her later in this review. Keep reading.

Massage Rooms

9 Hills Saloon Spa Vesu - Body Massage Centres in Surat - Justdial (1)

The massage room was big enough with a shower facility. It had the massage table in the center. The room had all essential toiletries with clean towels and canvas knickers.

Normally those spa having Indian therapist aren’t professionally decorated. But this was an exception. There were no foul smells. Everything was calm and clean.


The price is Rs.1500 for one-hour oil massage. They charge you Rs.500 more compared to other spas. I selected cream-based normal pressure thai massage.

So, that was a quick shot about the 9 hills spa. Now let’s talk about the Indian massage therapist and her thai massage skills.

9 Hills Spa Review – Thai Massage by Indian Therapist

About Naznin

First thing first, the therapist was very beautiful and well-maintained. Her name’s Naznin. She was the one who greeted me at the reception desk.

Naznin was quite and composed with a beautiful smile on her face. Her aura, the way she talks and everything about her makes you kinda fall for her. I like her and decided to take massage from her.

Now let me tell you that the massage mood doesn’t grow inside a massage room. Your overall mood also depends on who is in the room with YOU.

Later I came to know that she was a qualified masseuse. I mean she was a well-trained thai massage therapist.

Thai Massage by an Indian Massage Therapist

I must say that she was very good at her thai massage skills. Her hand strokes were really relaxing. The pressure was normal. No hard punches. It was soothing and she was taking care that I am enjoying the massage.

I didn’t expect that. Seriously.

This reminded me of the deep tissue massage at the Shine Spa. 🤣

She gently massaged my back for 20 minutes. This included the overall back portion of mine including my butt. Yeah, that too!

She was shy but utmost professional. It was her job to see that I get the best thai massage and she was doing it.

I was Still in my Canvas Knickers! 😜

After the back portion, it was time to turn around. I was quite surprised that my canvas knickers were still on. If it was a thai girl my knickers had to go at the beginning itself.

Naznin skillfully removed them, did the massage and again put it on. She was pretty sure that I would not mind her putting them on and off.

Authority and dominance, simultaneously. Huh!

My Lower Body Parts & Her Gentle Massage

I like when a massage therapist uses her elbow to give a mild mix of high and low pressure on the thigh. My knee and thighs hurt most. Due to work hazards of sitting continuously for long hours, I have developed mild knee pain.

I instructed Naznin to take care of my knee and thigh pain. She did well in those areas. The upper body parts were stretched first and then massaged gently.

It was 40 minutes by now. She was at the edge of finishing the massage. But then I got a surprise. She lowered the canvas knicker and started gently massaging the private parts.

This was quite a shocker for me because Indian massage therapist won’t do that easily. But she was different.

I was half asleep enjoying what was going on.

We Had a Deal

She carefully massaged my private part making it really hard. And then suddenly she stopped. I was like is it “time up”. She smiled and told me that it’s almost 45 minutes.

She softly whispered that if I want her to continue it will be an extra Rs.3000.

Now that’s a big amount. I told her what other thai massage therapists would charge. But she was less interested in the thai economy here in India. She was loud and clear – Rs.3000.

Okay. That’s fine. I handed over the money. But wait. . .

What’s the menu? I asked. I mean what extra services do you provide. It is because I already know the thai menu. What about you?

Everything, she said. Don’t worry. Now just lay down and I will be back in a minute. Within 2 minutes she was back in the massage room with her towel, a big bowl of white cream, and some clothes.

What’s the cream bowl for? I asked. You ask too many questions, she laughed and dimmed all the lights.

Gradually removed all her clothes and got on me with the big cream bowl. Within 5 minutes we both were jammed up with loads of white cream.

A gentle body to body massage started. Back and forth each and every body part was in maximum contact. This went on until the next 10 minutes. My time was already up, but she said not to worry. There won’t be any extra charge as I have already paid her.

This made me relax a bit about an additional cost.

So within 10 to 12 minutes, there was white cream everywhere. And now it was time to finish it up. I told her to do it in the shower. You can imagine all sort of wildness happening in the shower back and front.

All in all, it was a great experience. Above all, the last 15 minutes were really very great. Although, 15 minutes isn’t my ideal time duration but I had to finish early.

Other spas would take half of what you pay as extra time charge. Since naznin was at the reception I was spared from paying extra. In total, my expense was Rs.4500 including thai massage & other services.

It was a completely refreshing experience for me. I did not expect my thai massage to go so well by an Indian girl.