A Brief Prequel

If you are following my blog I have written a review on Swedish thai massage at The Shine Spa.  You can read the full review using the link given.

This thai massage session was horrible.

I got a backache which troubled me for 3 to 4 days. And this is why I thought I must share it here.

So, as I said above the thai massage was really terrible. Above all the thai therapist “Mae” was unprofessional and rude.

The Reason Behind My Back Pain

Since the beginning, she seemed to be uninterested in the massage. Moreover, she didn’t know proper massage techniques also.

It is because she applied very high pressure during the whole session.

Maybe that was the reason behind me getting a backache. The way she applied heavy pressure on my back I thought she literally crushed my bones.

As this was not enough she climbed on my back and started walking over it. And I was like what is going on.

Who does that?

Who climbs like this on the back with all the bodyweight?

I was laid backside and she was upon me with all her Hercules weight. Now I remember she thurst me with her weight. And this is where I got severe back pain.

Initially, I didn’t realize. But the next morning I woke up with dreaded back pain. The pain continued for 3 to 4 days and it got worst. I could barely move my back.

Things got worse when the back pain hurt my chest too. My whole upper body – back and chest were hurting with pain.

In short, a thai massage can hurt you if not done properly. Additionally, I have learned what you should be telling your massage therapist before the massage starts.

What You Should Tell a Massage Girl Before a Massage?

First thing first, please do not climb on my body. I have bones that can crush. I have muscles that can tear off and give me nightmares.

Second, Do you know how to give a professional Thai massage? Yes, ask her this. A thai girl in a thai massage uniform doesn’t mean she is an expert in every type of massage.

You never know the dirty business tricks of spa owners. They bring any and every thai girl to India. It is because they think all the girls are a professional therapist.

Now they aren’t wrong on their side. They don’t demand any kind of certificates from these girls.

It’s the thai girl who never discloses anything about her massage skills. It is the client who suffers the most. Hence, keep this in mind.

With this in mind, how will you spot whether the thai girl knows how to massage or not?

How to Spot A Fake Thai Massage Therapist?

It’s easy if you regularly take spa and body massage outside like me. I have been taking thai body massage for a long time. From hand movements, I can easily tell whether a girl is a professional massage expert or not.

But first. . .

Let me tell you how you can spot a fake therapist even though it’s your first massage. There are some red flags. A fake therapist will never ask or talk about the following:


She will directly start the massage without consulting the client on low, medium or high pressure.

Health Problem

An expert massage therapist will always ask about underlying health problems if any. The fake therapist never does this. She doesn’t even know that she should ask such things before the session.

Skin Allergy

All my massage session started with this question. Till date, all massage therapist has asked me whether or not I am allergic to the massage oil.

Uneven Massage Patterns

A professional thai massage girl equally massages all parts of your body. Her hand movements are perfectly synced. She will give equal pressure on each body part. An amateur knows nothing about massage patterns.

Perfect Timings

Expert therapist tracks the massage time given to each body parts. For example, if 10 minutes for the right leg then the same for the left leg. Mae massaged my left leg fro 7 to 10 minutes, whereas for right leg only 2 minutes.

Oil, Aroma, and Music

These 3 are very important in a massage. Aroma sets the mood for a massage. An expert will always keep the room atmosphere soothing and calm. That’s what she is trained for. A wannabe therapist has no idea about all of them.


An expert is a highly trained professional who knows how to behave with a client. If your massage therapist is rude then ask for a replacement or else leave the room. She is going to hurt you very badly. She will probably take out all her frustration on your body.

My Experience

I have experienced a professional thai massage many times. It makes your body feel good in and out. I also know the level of freshness a thai massage gives.

A massage must relax you and detox negative energy from your body. If it does otherwise you are in the wrong place.