The post today I am sharing is about the best full body massage videos on the YouTube channel. These videos are quite popular on YouTube. The fact is evident from the number of views each video has.

You can easily learn how to give a full body massage to your partner watching them. Additionally, these videos also teach you how to revitalize specific body parts like neck, back, shoulders, and head. I kinda enjoy oil massage hence I like these videos and I am sure you will too.

So without much of an ado let’s bring on the list of top body massage videos on YouTube.

Best Full Body Massage Videos on YouTube

Let me tell that there are lots and lots of videos on massage therapy on YouTube. I will keep updating this list by adding new video links as I find them. I would also request you to kindly subscribe to these YouTube channels as they are doing a fantastic job out there.

So, let’s pump in some massage tricks.

1. She Didn’t Mind This Good Massage Rooms Happy Ending


The video is neat and clean although it promises happy ending in the title. Hence if you looking for something else don’t click the play video. The content is good. You will see some really DIY massage tricks to try at home. The Youtube channel name is Olive Sonya. So you can just go there and check out other videos.

2. Basic Swedish Back Massage Techniques – Relaxing Step by Step Guide


In this ‘How To’ demonstration video, you’ll be taken through the various steps needed to perform a basic Swedish Back Massage, including preparation, relaxing your client and various massage strokes and techniques.

3. ASMR Neck Massage; Swedish Massage Therapy Techniques For Neck Pain; Full Body Massage Series


The massage video includes ASMR neck massage, Swedish massage therapy techniques for neck pain. This YouTube channel has a series of full body massage videos.

4. Basic Back Massage Therapy Techniques for Relaxation & Back Pain Relief


Gregory Gorey from the YouTube channel PsycheTruth discusses massage techniques back pain. The video shows a combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage techniques.

5. Oriental Medicine Therapy- ASRM Full Body Massage Therapy and Muscle Stress Relief, Stress #17


Long ago, massage has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive body care and beauty treatments, massage just relaxes to keep the shape, beautiful skin. You just need to spend some time daily massage will immediately see the effect with the waist more compact.

6. How to Massage For Beginners – Back, Neck & Shoulder Relaxation Massage Therapy Techniques


How to massage video shows you how to massage shoulders and give a great back massage plus neck massage techniques. Melissa gives clear instructions as she demonstrates massage therapy on Corrina.

7. ASMR Full body Deep tissue oil Massage – Skills and techniques to relief headache & Lower BP


This video is so far the best body massage video I have seen so far. Moreover, the video shows some of the best deep tissue massage techniques. The thai deep tissue massage is my favorite too and I can totally correlate to the strokes in this video. It’s a must-watch.

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