We have interesting stories on thai spa and Vietnamese spa. But this time we will be reading a Burmese massage story from a traveler. So, let’s get started then.


When I was traveling in Burma, one evening I was excited when I saw a sign for a massage shop. I had never experienced a Burmese massage earlier. So I signed up for a session and was directed to a wall with a curtain.

When they pulled the curtain aside, I saw a cut-out in the wall. It was a rectangular hole in the wall with the dimensions of a coffin, just higher. Imagine a closet reset into a wall with no front door.

A super-thin mat rested on regularly spaced slats of wood. The effect was that the mat was sagging in all the spaces between the wooden slats and the slats dug themselves into my back.

A little grizzled old man showed up and I was wondering how he could possibly give me a massage in a space that was just big enough to accommodate my own body.

Somehow he managed to climb over me and squeeze himself in a squatting position between my legs.

He pulled the curtain shut and did some pressing and squeezing on some parts of my body that he could reach from his contorted position.

I would have gotten up and walked out, but I wanted to experience it just for the weirdness of it. After the session, my body felt worse than before, but I had another memorable travel experience.

Luang Prabang, Laos – What Kind Of Oil is That?

I went to a massage shop in Luang Prabang (Laos) to get an oil massage. There was nothing wrong with the session. However, when I took a shower afterward to wash the oil off my body, I realized that the oil did not come off.

After three rounds of soap and water, I decided they must have used petroleum mixed with superglue because I still felt greasy and sticky.

Soap and water had no chance against this incredible massage oil. It managed to prolong my experience way past the one-hour session that I paid for.


Those were two different experience from travelers across the world. There are many more massage stories like this. I have inserted the links below to read and share.

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