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Frequently Asked

How Spa Reviews Helps?

Spa reviews is a definitive guide to find best thai body massage in surat city. It will help you locate body massage parlors that are safe, secure, genuine and premium in all sense. Find a top thai body massage parlor in surat can be a lengthy process for you. Spa reviews guides to only the best ones.

Does Spa Reviews Offer Any Discount?

NO, Spa reviews doesn’t offer any discounts or coupons as of now. It’s a review site only. All premium and luxury thai and indian body massage parlors here in surat are reviewed here. You will read everything about types of massage, therapist, charges and other details these day spa offers.

How Do I Share My Story on Spa Reviews?

It’s easy. However, there is no direct facility to share your story. What you can do is message me your story and I will feature it on Spa Reviews. Dont’ worry about about spelling or grammer mistakes. I will take care of it. If you want to go anonymous, your identity will be kept secret.

Is Spa Reviews Paid?

NO. Spa Reviews isn’t sponsored by any body massage spa in surat or from any other place. It’s a personal experience of my own self that I write. I do not endorse any paid reviews on my site. Whatever you are reading is 100% honest and genuine reviews of massage treatments that I take.


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