Today I am going to review deep tissue thai massage at the Shine Spa for you.

Shine spa was earlier located at the vesu university road. Now they have shifted near lake view garden location.

  • Spa Name: The Shine Spa
  • Location: Shine Spa, Vimal Hub, 4the floor, Beside Lake View Restaurant, Kargil Chowk, Dumas Road, Surat
  • Massage: Deep Tissue with Aroma Oil
  • Duration: 60 Min (45 min massage & 15 min shower)
  • Charges: Rs.1000
  • Happy Ending: YES (Extra Charges)

It is one of my favorite Thai massage spas. The ambiance is very good. The reception staff is very friendly. The staff will help you select the massage and best available masseur. Above all the massage therapist are awesome. I have had a chance of taking a Thai massage at this spa for a number of times.

The reason being I personally like the Thai massage therapist with the name “Anna”. Now she is my personal as well permanent choice if I want a deep tissue Thai massage.

Let me tell a bit about gorgeous Anna.

Anna is a well-trained massage therapist with raunchy physical stats. She is tall, fair, curvey and an expert spa therapist. She is very good at deep tissue massage with normal, medium and high-pressure hands.

Anna is not only my favorite, but she is an all-time favorite of almost every spa visitor at Shine. She very well knows what a customer wants and equally satisfies them with what they need. I’ll come to this part later in this review.

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Okay, back to the massage review.

The room I prefer is the first one which is adjacent to the counter area because of the Thai bed. I am somehow not comfortable on 2.5 feet wide massage table. Hence, I make a special request to give the first room. The staff being co-operative gives me my choice of room.

Other spa charges Rs.2000 only for spa rooms having a Thai bed. Here at Shine, it’s only Rs.1000.

The room atmosphere is relaxing, the shower is clean, the bed is soft, and canvas knickers are not itchy. The towels are well washed and not stinky like other spas. The burning aroma oil is spreading light and sensual fragrance in the room.

Time for the Massage Now!

Anna arrived in the room and till then I had changed and lied on the bed. Being a frequent visitor Anna already knows my choice – Normal Pressure with more oil.

My skin is kinda dry so I prefer more oil.

Anna’s massage techniques are beyond comparison. Her hands are soft and I feel each and every finger of her moving on my back. Apart from that, she is a huge woman.
You feel relaxed when she climbs on your back and does the massage.

Normally Anna bares her pants while doing massage because of too much oil. And this gives me a chance to feel her cold thighs rubbing against my body. It feels pretty groovy.

After the back and leg massage its time for the front part. She taps me and tells me to turn around. This is the best part of any massage. Because here’s where the deal is sealed. This is the moment where subtle communication takes place.

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We all love a good massage and like to feel erotic in an already erotic setting.

She removes my canvas underwear and hides my lower part with a towel. Meanwhile, she has already seen me almost naked. Which is actually not something new for Anna or for any Thai massage therapist I guess.

After finishing the chest and leg part she asked me if I want anything else. Anna is comfortable and straight forward. If the client doesn’t initiate the talk she will ask on their face. But me being a regular client of her, she knows what I want.

Paid Rs.2000 to her and she is all mine now. But I don’t prefer it that way. I let her take the lead. She is really very good at it.

Here I want to let everyone know that in Surat a normal Thai massage therapist charges Rs.3000 to Rs.6000 for extra services. That means Rs.1000 for massage counter charge + Rs.3000 is equal to Rs.4000. Sometimes this cost goes up to Rs.6000 or Rs.8000 for one single massage. Now that’s too expensive.

Hence, she starts with the middle deeper portion. Rubs my tool gently while applying oil. And finally, I get the boner. She removed her clothes and started pouring more oil on me and her. Now its a body to body massage. Finally, I take the charge and finish it off with a huge thrust.

The best thing about Anna is she happily cleans all the mess and soaks all the oil with a clean towel before going into the shower. She also baths with you and helps you clean the oil. Every time I go in the shower she gives me mint mouthwash. I don’t understand why. And that too when the massage is finished.

Anna’s deep tissue Thai massage is reinventing and I guarantee every muscle of your body will literally feel heaven.

The reason why I am suggesting Shine Spa is their mobile promotions. They keep you informed about ongoing offers. Here’s a screenshot of mobile SMS I got on account of monsoon offer.

mobile sms by shine spa

I highly recommend a soothing deep tissue massage at Shine spa by Anna. The cost is low and the service is guaranteed awesome.

I would rate 4.9 out of 5.