Private parts massage is a huge concern. Moreover, this is the biggest question and the irony is we can’t even ask others. The topic is more like a taboo thinking others will judge us if we ask.

But out of curiosity I too had the same question – Do massage therapists massage private parts or not? Do they treat private body parts similar to other body parts? Is it the massage therapist or the customer who feels awkward?

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Private Parts Massage: What Do I Think?

All these questions and a lot more boggle our mind when it comes to a massage. On top of it, I have already shared my views on private parts massage. Click here to read – Does full body massage include private parts?

In this article, I will share the point of view and opinions of expert massage therapists and subject advisors. Okay, let me tell you this.

I am not conducting any kind of clinical research where I have a panel of doctors sitting and advising you on private parts massage. No. Instead I have collected opinions of traditional massage therapists and masseuses.

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These opinions seem to be more logical and practical instead of boring and cliche trials. They come straight from the people who have either experienced it or done it themselves.

So let’s hear from them.

Do Massage Therapists Massage Private Parts?

To support the statements I have linked the personal profiles and official website pages of the massage therapists, advisors, experts and masseuses. Feel free to browse these links for more info.

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1. Kiara Dany, Advisor & Masseuse

Yes. I can say as I’m a masseuse for a long time now and it’s my profession. But not every spa, hotel and parlous have such faculties. Wherever this happens, it gets a sex selling label or is widely illegal.

Coming to the massage, more than 80% are done on a normal body starting from head to toes except for private organs. Besides, more than 70% clients are either shy, uncomfortable or pretty embarrassed to even undress fully or get their private parts massaged.

So what you usually see in movies or tv isn’t true at all that all massages are sensual. Its bullshit! But then there are clients who purely dream and demand sensual massages. Some spas don’t entertain such activities.

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2. Richard Lam, Registered Massage Therapist

It can depend on your definition of private parts – especially since some people are more open to their buttocks being massaged than others. To have any of these areas worked on, I would need the following from you:

  • Your written consent – A legal document that shows I reviewed what’s going to happen when we work on your sensitive areas.
  • A specific clinical indication – A reason why I need to work on that area. It can’t be because you like butt massages, or worse than if I tried to use that excuse
  • An understanding you can stop or change the treatment at any time – If you want to stop half-way, or 2 seconds after beginning or you just don’t want a massage anymore, you’re allowed to stop at any time

men women private parts

I need all three of these things from you.

So, yes massage therapists do private parts massage. But not in a sexual, or nefarious manner, and not for any self-gain.

If you feel like a certain area could be worked on, talk with your health care professional to see what needs to be done. Communication is key in health care, and you have the ultimate say in what you want or don’t want to be done.

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3. Julia Wilson Certified Massage Therapist & Certified Aromatherapist.

Okay. Let’s clear something up to start with. As some have pointed out, different cultures and different countries have different regulations on such things and different “taboos” on that style of massage. This is true.

However, in the U.S. it is unethical and illegal for a massage therapist to work on a client’s private parts (aka genitals).

male therapist doing private parts massage

If a massage therapist in the U.S. offers to give a massage of the genitals in any other case, then they are either ignoring the laws and ethical regulations of their profession, or they are not a licensed massage therapist at all.

Now, in other cultures and countries, such styles of massage are sometimes permitted, and that can cause issues and misunderstandings when folks from those areas of the world come over here and expect the same kind of massage treatments that they were used to in their home area.

I had to instruct a client originally from another country that it was not acceptable for him to expect sexual pleasure from my treatments, because that was something he had been formerly used to and he didn’t realize that it was an issue here.

So in short, no, licensed professionals in the U.S. will not massage your genitals unless for a very valid medical reason accompanied by a doctor’s instructions (and even then, that’s extremely rare).

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4. WarHorse, Senior Executive From Pharma Industry