Today, I will review the four-hand thai massage that I took at the Coral Thai spa.

What is a Four Hand Thai Massage?

Basically, four-hand thai massage is a traditional thai massage. In this massage, there is 2 thai massage therapist (2 girls) instead of one. A normal, deep tissue or any other massage involves only 1 girl which is a normal 2 hand massage.

The Coral Spa is located at 101 – First Floor, Richmond Plaza, Above Dhiraj Sons, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat. Nearby landmark is the famous Reliance Shopping Mall and the Dhiraj Sons Superstore.

coral thai spa vesu surat 2

The spa is exactly located above the Dhiraj Sons Superstore so you need not search anything else. Head straight to Vesu and ask Dhiraj Sons. Follow the Google map Link given here to locate the Coral Thai Spa. Before we go into the review let’s check out some quick details.

Quick Details About Coral Thai Spa, Surat

  • Spa Name: Coral Spa
  • Location: 101 – First Floor, Richmond Plaza, Above Dhiraj Sons, Vesu, Surat, Gujarat 395007
  • Massage: Four Hand Thai Massage with Aroma Oil (2 Female Therapist)
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (45 min massage & 15 min shower)
  • Charges: Rs.2000
  • Happy Ending: YES (Extra Charges)

Okay, now let’s discuss how was my experience and how did my massage go with 2 girls simultaneously.

Few Words About Coral Spa

The spa is located in a posh location of the surat city and they have all thai girls only. The manager is very friendly and above all the thai girls are even more friendly and professional. The rooms are neat and clean.


They usually clean the room after every session. Towels are dry and hygienic to use. Most of the spa owners just dry towels and reuse them for the second time on the same day. That’s not the case here.

Canvas Knickers

The canvas knickers are soft and don’t itch if worn for a long time. They typically use black canvas knickers, but sometimes you may get white too. I got black.


The bathroom is properly washed and it has warm and cold water facility. Moreover, you also get body wash and hair shampoo during the bath (of course with the thai girl). The best part is the bathroom has glass partitions. Like we see in the films. It gives you kind of sensual feeling.

The interior of the room at Coral Spa looks something like the image below. Take a look.

coral thai spa vesu surat 4

Now there are mirrors on both sides of the bed. That’s a part of the room interior but it was quite fascinating for me during the happy ending massage session with the girls. You know what I mean 😝

The Massage Therapist – Mia and Annie

Upon my request, the spa manager provided me 2 best and beautiful thai girls. Maybe I was the first client to take a four-hand massage that day or maybe the first one in that whole week or month. Who knows?

Since my appointment was in the evening, and I was sweating like hell in the scorching heat, I decided to shower first. By then Mia and Annie were in the room.

Their Appearance

Mia had golden hair, curvy figure with really amazing vital stats. Whereas, Annie was slim and trim with large breast and thick black hair. Both of them wore a black t-shirt and a traditional thai massage costume. It is golden in color mostly. It looks something like in the image below.

traditional thai spa pants for girls

A Little Fun

Thai girls are typically open-minded and they don’t mind if you take some liberty playing with them or teasing them. After all, they should feel comfortable in your company so that you can openly discuss extra services and negotiate with them on price.

I know all the extra, normal and happy ending services rates. I even know how to negotiate with them.

The Beginning

After the shower, I was fresh and ready for the massage. I introduced myself to the girls. Told them to keep the pressure medium since there were 2 hands. Also told them to use lots of oil as I like to be oiled and then rubbed.

After the instruction, I was going for the canvas knickers but Annie said it is not necessary if I was comfortable without canvas knickers in front of two girls. I said OK. I am ready. Dominance. 😆

I was lying on my back with 2 beautiful thai girls, lots of oil, cool AC in the room, soft music going on and a sensual massage. What a pleasure, an amazing feeling man simply amazing. Fantastic time.

The Back and Shoulders First

Annie took on my legs while Mia was on the back and shoulders. Slow and gentle pressure with aromatic massage oil was really soothing. If there was heaven then it was in that room.

Every cell, tissue, nerve, and muscle of my back body was being stimulated with low and high pressure. I was feeling relaxed. Both of them seem to be expert in their moves.

Moreover, they used their elbows to go deep into the back and leg muscles. Annie was taking liberty with my lower body parts and I seem to really enjoy it.

Meanwhile, they both were laughing and talking with each other in their thai language which I didn’t know. I was just enjoying the massage.

The Discussion for Extra Services

Since it was 20 minutes now, Annie asked me whether I was only for a massage or need something extra. I was expecting this. I asked what would they charge me. Mia said, Rs. 3000 each. Now that was a big one. Total of Rs. 6000 including everything. Yeah, everything! 😉

I was hesitant to pay first but then thought of a wild idea that was lingering my mind for a long time. I thought for a while that why not try it with 2 thai girls. Things that we see on the internet was going to happen in real-time.  Let’s try it.

Paid them Rs. 6000. And the next moment they were both mines. All bare, nothing on them. I can’t express in words, the atmosphere inside the spa room. I leave up to your imagination.

The Back and Shoulders Again

This time both of them were bare. They took their position. Annie on my waistline facing my feet and Mia on my back facing my head. In short, both of them were facing their own backs.

They were giving me a body to body massage. Mia poured the whole bottle of oil on me, Annie and herself. We, three of them were in oil from head to toe. Now they were smoothly rubbing their body with mine. It was a deep-down sensual experience.

As I had to do nothing, everything was done by both of them. I was just enjoying the moment.

The Chest and Lower Abdomen

After the back and shoulders, it was time for the chest and lower abdomen area. Both of them poured some more oil and started with the traditional thai style massage.

The best part of getting a massage from thai girls is they don’t shy away touching your private body parts. Instead, they deal with them very delicately considering them to be massaged equally like other body parts.

While Annie was busy with legs and thighs, Mia was doing my chest, armpits, hands and finger massage. The pressure was medium to high at certain points.

Mia and Annie took turns to switch over between the body parts they were doing.

How Did I Feel with Four Hand Massage?

I was literally out of my senses. The aroma of the oil was jasmine flavor. And it was driving me crazy. Besides, 2 beautiful thai girls with their gorgeous body were in a bare minimum rubbing my body with theirs.

How would you feel? ……………………………………………………………………………..Exactly. I felt the same.

The Time Was Up

Now I had 15 minutes left which was the shower time. It was already 45 minutes. Annie reminded me that we have only 15 minutes and 2 thai girls waiting and I didn’t even start.

For an extra 50 minutes, it would roughly cost me another Rs. 700 to 900. Desperate measure, desperate time. I had to pay an extra Rs. 900 otherwise I would lose Rs. 6000 deal that was ON.

So, now I had total of 60 minutes in hand. One full hour and 2 thai girls.

The Happy Ending

It was Mia first. She was a big woman. And I must tell you she is huge than Anna (read my deep tissue thai massage review at the shine spa where I have written about a thai massage girl Anna). Heavy thighs, curvy bottoms, and thick back portion make Mia a complete woman.

I thrashed Mia for about 30 minutes vigorously in different styles. She was also completely into the game. One on one with each other. Meanwhile, Annie was helping us both with her massage techniques so that we stay in a relaxed position.

After 30 minutes I got exhausted and was lying on the massage bed. I was completely done with Mia. Now it was time for Annie. But I had no stamina. I was really thinking about losing my 3000 if I couldn’t do it.

The Second One

Mia and Annie understood my position and they tried to help me by making me feel relaxed. Somehow, after 10 minutes I was back in the action. Annies proposed to do it in the shower. This way bath time will be compensated and there would no extra charge.

Now, all three were in the bathroom. Mia was busy washing her oil. I and Annie were busy into each other. Sometimes in the middle, I would grab Mia too. Annie, acting like she was feeling jealous would snatch me from Mia and we all three would laugh.

I nailed Annie in the shower back and front, to and fro. Enjoyed her thoroughly in the water but till then my soul was out of my body. I was feeling very tired. Twice in an hour was a heavy-duty for me too.

The Happy Ending Shower

Mia was done with washing her oil and she was helping me wash my body oil. I was just standing under the shower and both of them washed me from head to toe. I felt like a king. In between they would even play with their favorite toy and giggle with each other.

After the shower, they dried me with their towels. I don’t know but Mia said not to use the spa towel. Both the girls were utmost professional and friendly.

Actually, every thai girl is a professional masseuse. They know how to deal with a client so that they come repeatedly to them.

When we were done. I was offered mouth freshener. Annie put oil in my hair and massaged me for a while. All this is included in the extra services charge that you pay. They treat you like a king for an hour.

I am completely satisfied with both Mia and Annie. We three exchanged our mobile numbers. I still have Mia’s phone number but lost Annie’s.

My Ratings – Four Hand Thai Massage at Coral Spa.

I would rate 5 out of 5 for a sensual four hand thai massage at Coral Spa. And this would be only because of the hospitality that I received from Mia and Annie.

I would totally recommend Coral Spa as it is safe and value for money.