How Much Does A Massage Cost in India?

The average massage cost in India is around Rs.1000 for 45 minutes. You don’t pay for an hour. You only pay for 45 minutes because the rest 15 minutes are for shower and dressing.

In short, your message gets over in just 45 minutes instead of 60.

What is the Naughtiest Massage Experience You Ever Had?

Hiring a massage therapist for more than one-hour massage will cost you around Rs.2000 to Rs.6000. This totally depends upon the spa and the service that you are taking.

Most often the price goes pretty high if you are visiting an ultra-luxury day spa.

Additionally, the price of a massage can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). It is best to get estimates directly from a spa or a massage therapist near you by directly visiting them or making a phone call.

Average Massage Cost

Average massage prices range from Rs.4000 to Rs. 6000 per hour in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Even a 30-minute massage, can cost Rs.2000 to Rs.4000. Whereas, a 90-minute massage could costs above Rs.6000.

Prices depend on the geolocation, duration, the type of massage, and any extra service if any.

Massage Cost in India (Non-Metro)

The following massage cost is based on the time duration. Timing is the basic parameter to measure the price of a service in spas. A delay of 10 to 15 minutes would cost you an additional Rs. 500 to 1000.

Massage TimePrice Range
30 minutesRs. 800 to Rs. 1000
60 minutes Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500
90 minutesRs. 1900 to Rs. 3500
120 minutesRs. 4000 onwards


How Much Does a Spa Service Cost in India?

The massage cost varies depending upon the spa in India. It starts from 1,400 rupees for a 30-minute reflexology foot massage.

However, a 60-minute massage can cost Rs.3,400 to Rs.3,900 in an Indian spa. Above all, 90-minute massages are also available from 4,900 rupees upwards.

How Much is the Individual Massage Cost in India?

As I said, every spa has its own pricing strategy. For example, a spa located in Mumbai would charge Rs.1400 for a one-hour massage. On the other hand, a spa here in Surat would cost only Rs.1000. Many times (here in Surat) you get discounts of Rs.200 if you are a regular visitor.

I have taken spa massage services under Rs.1000 in surat.

For your convenience, I have listed individual massage price. This is just an estimate. If you visit you may find out anything less or more than what is written here.

In that case, I would suggest you call or directly inquire at the spa reception counter.

Massage TypeMassage Cost
Swedish massageRs.800
Aromatherapy massageRs.2100
Deep tissue massageRs.1000
Sports massageRs.1500 onwards
Trigger point massageRs.2000
Shiatsu massageRs.6000
Thai massageRs.1200
Prenatal massageRs.3000 onwards
Couple’s massageRs.2500 onwards
Chair massageRs.500 onwards
Full Body MassageRs.1200
Head MassageRs.300
Back MassageRs.700
Foot MassageRs.700

Extra Massage Cost

The above rates are specifically what you pay at the reception counter of a spa. Remember, that the above rates don’t include the extra service cost.

The extra service cost includes tips and money given to a massage therapist in return for a service rendered. Now, this could be anything. For example, body to body massage, shower together or happy ending service.

Thai Therapist Extra Service Cost

The rates high vary depending on the massage therapist. According to my experience, the thai spa girls are super hot and very expensive. They charge more.

If you take a full service (including everything) she will take no less than Rs.3000 or Rs.4000 from you. If I tell you this price includes everything, it means it really includes what you are thinking right now. 😆

These rates can differ if you go to metro cities like Ahmedabad. (Oh, I love Amdavad)

Indian Massage Therapist Extra Service Cost

Indian girls charge less. That doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful or good in services. But normally they don’t give full service in the first place. They will agree only for half-service.

The cost would be around Rs.1000 to 2000 for half-services.

If you encounter Indian girls giving full service which is quite normal here in Surat and other cities it would be around Rs.3000. At a higher side, it would cost you Rs.4000 to 5000. Nothing more than that.

Okay, now time for a small surprise. Open the magic box below. 😃

Best Indian Massage Girl in Surat

Do you want to know where can you find a beautiful looking massage girl here in Surat?

Ok, here you go. Her name is Raksha. This is not her original name.

Where Do You Find Her?

Go to Apsara Spa at Vesu. 3rd floor, shop no.304, western vesu point, below gold gym, opp. S.D.Jain school, vesu crossroad. At the reception counter ask “Raksha”.

You will see a beautiful gujju girl. Pay Rs.2000 at the counter. I bet you will not regret. Enjoy.