Back pain after a body massage is an uncommon thing. It’s not totally your fault, you just got along with an amateur therapist. This happened with me last month. I took Swedish body massage at the Shine Spa.

But my luck was bad and I got a new therapist Mae. I don’t take any kind of massage from a new therapist at the Shine Spa. My favorite is Anna. She knows the drill and hence it’s quite safe for me too.

Mae, the new thai therapist not only gave me back pain but she also wasted my Rs.2500. You can read here the full story. How I wasted Rs.2500 at a thai body massage.

The reason behind my back pain was the therapist’s amateur massage skills.

Since the beginning, she seemed to be uninterested in the massage. Moreover, she didn’t know proper massage techniques also.

It is because she applied very high pressure during the whole session.

That was the reason behind me getting a backache. The way she applied heavy pressure on my back I thought she literally crushed my bones.

As this was not enough she climbed on my back and started walking over it. And I was like what is going on.

Who does that?

So, how can you avoid back pain during and after a body massage?

Let me tell you that I am not a professional in healing any kind of back pain or body pain. In addition, if your back is severe you must immediately go and see a registered medical practitioner. Do not avoid body pains as they may get worse over time.

The following tips are based on my personal experience.

After getting severe pain in my back because of a thai massage, I figured out how to avoid it during and after a body massage.

Tips to Avoid Back Pain During & After Body Massage

Medical conditions

One should totally avoid a body massage if there’s an underlying medical condition. This could possibly trigger pain or allergic reactions. Hence, consult your doctor first before taking a body massage.

Relax your body

During a massage try not to give unnecessary tension to the body. Keep your body in a relaxed state. There’s already a lot of pressure on the body by your massage therapist. Lay down in a complete relaxing posture.

Stretch your body a little

While you are in the massage room do some warm-up or stretching. A minute or two is enough. You can also ask your massage therapist to help you stretch out.

Don’t’ breathe heavily

Your breadth is synchronized during the massage. If you notice, the breadth is sometimes heavy & mild depending on the pressure. Hence, don’t interfere in the natural process. Just keep it real. Let your breathing be natural. Not too heavy not too mild.

Tell her NO if it hurts

Even experienced massage therapist make mistakes. If any part of your body is hurting while a body massage then the pressure applied is more than normal. Tell her to stop. Ask her not to put unnecessary pressure. This might give you a long-lasting pain.

Always take normal pressure massage

There are different kinds of massage with different level of pressure techniques. If it’s your first time then go with normal pressure only. Do not allow the therapist to vigorously rub your body. This could trigger pain.

Book your first or next massage session with the above tips in mind. If you have pre or post-massage tips kindly post them in the message box below. I will include them in the post.

Stay Safe, Have a Happy Massage!