Here are expert massage tips and a personal encounter of a professional massage therapist. You will get an insider look into her life. Additionally, you will also read how life experiences helped her grow in her industry.

So, let’s get some excellent massage tips from her.

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Typically massage done at a health fair is a seated chair massage. It can be helpful and feel good if the therapist knows what they are doing.

But it by no means IMHO can be compared to a full-body therapeutic massage. I think you should give it a go if you can! I would say find a Myofascial Release Therapist.

It’s the best type of massage out there to deal with any issues you may have. Moreover, it’s also not very invasive, or painful. But the results are amazing!

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Finding a Professional Therapist

Find a professional massage therapist if you cannot find an MFR therapist. Try to find them in your locality. Due to some reasons you may not happy with the massage. The reason is that not all massage therapists are equal.

So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I’d try a few different therapists before you decide if massage will work for you or not.

I just would like to forewarn you that we as massage therapists are not trained counselors we cannot advise you in this way.

That doesn’t mean you are not free to share or not share whatever you want we just cannot counsel you if that can make sense.

Confessions of a Spa Therapist

My Back Injury After a Massage

For example, I had a severe injury in my back due to a thai massage. I was getting treatment in my mind I was thinking about some bad experiences as the therapist was working on my back.

I was in tears because of the emotional stress this injury had been causing me as well as the intense pain. The therapist had no idea what I was going on in my mind. Neither did she inquire what it was about.

Granted I did say to her that that stop it was not in regards to what she was doing. I didn’t want her to stop what she was doing it felt so good.

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Who’s a Good Massage Therapist?

But any good massage therapist knows the connection between trauma and physical pain and should let a client be as they need to be in order to deal with whatever is going on with them on the table whether it’s physically or mentally.

We as massage therapists are catalysts for change and need to foster that in a healthy way by not probing but just being there to let things unwind mentally and physically without crossing any boundaries professionally or ethically.

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There are clients on the massage table that have emotional releases. It is important to tell them that they are in a safe environment. That they should feel safe to express their emotions.

Massage, when done in the right context, can be such a beautiful life-changing experience for the client and therapist!

A massage is a powerful tool. It is a gift because it deals with relaxation and emotions.

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A Journey as a Massage Therapist

I never set out to become a massage therapist. It just happened and the implications of it have been utmost rewarding.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through life without it and to have been able to do all the rich and rewarding experiences.

These words pale in comparison to how deeply I feel about this. I will forever be indebted to my great grandparents to have acquired the knowledge of massage.

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Vote of Thanks to All Those Who Helped Me

The same great auntie and uncle whom I was living with whilst going to massage school, my friend who exposed me to massage therapy as a profession when I was 16 years old.

Lastly, I do owe thanks to my father for the many massages he gave me growing up to help my muscles feel better after doing sports.

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It was from him I learned the physical benefits of massage from a young age. Consequently, I learned what felt good which helped me in the long run.

I went to school to know in my mind what feels good to then translate it out of my own hands and mind to other people. These few thanks being only the tip of the ice berg.

So that was all about the massage tips and life experiences by a massage therapist. I hope you would have liked it. Share it with others.