Russian massage therapist in Surat is a Hoax

First of all Surat spas don’t have professional & trained Russian therapists. Yeah, that’s true. There’s no single body massage spa in surat city which has Russian massage therapists. Let me tell you this.

The spa owners in Surat play a dirty technique. They hire girls from Uzbekistan (Uzbek Girls) and keep them at their massage center showing them as a Russian therapist.

Believe me, they do this.

Additionally, they advertise that we have a Russian massage therapist

Actually they don’t. These girls are not from Russia. They are from Uzbekistan. Yeah, you heard that right. These girls are from Uzbekistan also known as Uzbek girls.

Now, this is not the fault of the spa owners also. Because they themselves don’t know that they are being fooled in the name of a Russian massage therapist. Even if they know that these girls are not from Russia but Uzbekistan what difference it would make to them.

A key point here is the looks of the Uzbek girls

They tend to look very gorgeous and their skin color is similar to that of a Russian girl. This is the reason why the spa owners advertise that they have a Russian massage therapist.

Now tell me if you go to a massage center will you be interested in taking a massage or check the passport of the massage therapist. Obviously, you won’t be looking at what is the origin of the massage therapist.

This is how the whole Russian massage therapist extravaganza works.

How Do I Know All This?

In 2015, I started providing massage therapists to Surat spa owners. While looking for a Russian therapist for one of my clients I got in touch with a girl who had lots of Russian girls. She was located in Bangalore.

This girl shared images of the staff (Russian girls) with me. I got to know from her that the girls she is having are all from Uzbekistan and not from Russia. I didn’t ask anything further.

But wait there’s something more I got from her which I am sharing

First, these girls are not a professional massage therapist. They don’t do massage.

Second, they are very expensive. Their monthly salary is around 30000 to 50000 Indian rupees.

Third, they will attend only 3 or 4 clients in one single day. Not more than that. If you want the Uzbek girl to attend more clients she will charge extra per client.

Fourth, they won’t share a room or apartment with an Indian or Thai massage therapist. The spa owner will have to provide a special room with all the facilities.

Fifth, the spa owner will have to arrange their daily transportation. And last but not least.

These girls will literally do anything but not massage. You know what I mean.

Why are these Russian therapist so expensive?

We are highly obsessed with fair skin and seductive looks. After all, we are humans with a sense of lust. The spa owner, the massage therapist and the whole body massage business industry know this.

This is why they charge so high. There’s no other reason. It’s just about having a happy fun time with a foreign girl. That’s it.

The Other Side of the Russian Massage Therapist in Surat

The whole racket of the Russian massage therapist is deeply rooted in the Indian cities. I don’t know about other cities but definitely Surat isn’t lucky enough to have authentic Russian massage girls. Nope.

And if a spa owner is telling you that they have Russian massage girls all the way from Russia I would be more interested to welcome her to my city than anyone else.

All you have is girls from Uzbekistan in the name of Russia. Hence, don’t get fooled. If you are fine with taking a massage from an Uzbek girl then go ahead.

Images of Authentic Uzbek Girls

I am sharing some pics of authentic Uzbek girls. They are not massage therapists. I just want to show how an Uzbek girl looks like. Take a look.

Uzbek Girl Pic 3

Uzbek Girl Pic 1

Uzbek Girl Pic 5

Uzbek Girl Pic 6

Uzbek Girl Pic 4

Uzbek Girl Pic 2

Images of Russian Massage Therapists

Now that you know how an authentic Uzbek girl looks like let me show some pics of Russian girls. I am not sure whether or not these girls are professional massage therapists. Take a look.

russian massage therapist 25

russian massage therapist 29

russian massage therapist 30

russian massage therapist 31

russian massage therapist 32

russian massage therapist 1

russian massage therapist 2


russian massage therapist 4

russian massage therapist 5

russian massage therapist 6

russian massage therapist 7

russian massage therapist 10

russian massage therapist 11

russian massage therapist 12

russian massage therapist 13

russian massage therapist 14

russian massage therapist 15

russian massage therapist 17

russian massage therapist 18

russian massage therapist 19

russian massage therapist 20

russian massage therapist 21

russian massage therapist 22

russian massage therapist 23

russian massage therapist 24

russian massage therapist 26

russian massage therapist 27

A Few More…

russian girl 1

russian girl 2

russian girl 3