Here’s another interesting massage story from Tara Marie. She’s a massage therapist and loves cooking. Being a professional therapist she is the right person to tell her experience.

So, let’s hear it in her words.

Working at Massage Envy (ME)

I work at a Massage Envy ME as a 3ish month interim job. I manage between directing a massage school program and moving overseas. The thing about working at ME is that you get 15 dollars per massage.

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A dollar bonus if they sign up for the ME membership if you massage them. And another 1 dollar bonus if they specifically request you as a therapist.

I am in my last week of working there. My visa has some hiccups. There’s a delay of another couple a few weeks.

After Doing 5 Massage…

On this one particular day after already doing five massages, my very last client of the day had checked in. I went to the waiting room to get her but she wasn’t there.

I could hear the front desk workers talking to this client. I assumed it was my client because of the discussion.

This lady WAS NOT happy. She explained that she needed someone that was really good, understanding and effective to target her longstanding chronic issues.

She wanted a therapist that was going to be in for the long haul. It was because of some serious pains. The pain would need attention repeatedly to feel better.

The front desk workers were explaining many things to her. They told her about my style of work and that is actually a special thing that she got assigned to me.

It is because in my schedule even though I had been for a very short time I was one of the only therapists they had seen that always had a very full schedule.

It solely based upon the clients requesting me as a therapist (whoo hoo a dollar bonus for each one right?!? lol).

They continued to reassure her that maybe she should just give me a try. Even though I won’t be around for very long since they (the receptionist) knew I would be able to help her.

Reluctantly she acquiesced…. maybe because she was really looking forward to a massage and everyone else was full-up.

The front desk workers didn’t know that I had heard the bulk of the conversation. One of them had come back to forewarn me what I was up for.

This experience was taking the form of a massage story now.

I love these kinds of challenging clients! It makes my job interesting!

So I run through her intake form, go and greet her and take her to my room.

I asked lots of questions so as to gather enough information so I could make an informed therapy plan to target the main issues that were causing her the most pain.

She was booked for a 1.5 massage so I got straight to work. During the massage, I learned that she is in chronic pain and didn’t know why.

She had just started a pain support group for women in her church. She has a few young children and has never really been able to play with them because she spends all day in bed in pain.

Doctors can’t help her and she’s just properly spent emotionally, and physically because of the severe incessant pain.

At this time I had only just had my first myofascial release treatment MFR. I learned a few things about it and tried applying the techniques to her. I also did a copious amount of trigger point work in her neck and glutes.

The 1.5 hrs flew by far too fast and she had asked if she could extend it to a 3 hour. I knew this was possible since I was slated to knock off after her so I went and told the front desk she wants to upgrade.

She was thoroughly impressed with my ability to help her pain level to go down during the massage. Also, I worked very hard to meet her needs of putting her at ease in her mind that I will do all in my power to help her.

We had lots in common. It was a very friendly chatty massage. It wasn’t the most relaxing massage because of the type of work that I was doing but it helped boost her spirits tremendously.

That really touched my heart.

I had the next day off and when I returned I was shocked to see her back on my schedule for that day and it was for a 3-hour session again.

When she got on to my table she was practically in tears because she had not had headaches for the day and a half since she had last gotten her massage.

She also told me that she was able to play in the yard with her children who were the ages of 2–4 years old something she had only been able to do a handful of times.

But this time she was able to do it pain-free which she had never experienced!

I did kind of a quick fluff n’ buff just to get her body relaxed then I spent the rest of the time focused again on her neck and glutes.

When I thought about the delays in my visa application were an inconvenience after having the experience with this client I knew it was part of a greater plan. Eventually a massage story in making.

I think I saw her three times a week for three-hour sessions for the couple a few weeks that I was not there. It was amazing to see the progress she was making since our last session.

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