Traditional thai massage review at Spa Cottage is published after a long time since my last review (actually preview) of V5 thai spa came up. I was quite busy with my new blog (I will soon announce it). Meanwhile, many readers are personally messaging me asking to review different spa and their services in surat.

Gratitude for Making Spareviews Successful

I would like to first thank them for reading out my blog and make it successful. Yes, spareviews have gained popularity in a very short time and it’s all because of you people. Thank you very much for this kindness.

For those who are requesting to review their favorite spa in surat, I will certainly do that one by one, publish the review and let them know. Till then kindly keep reading and sharing spareviews for the latest updates and reviews.

Okay now back to the topic.

Today I will be reviewing Spa Cottage. A reader “Rahy” requested me to review Spa Cottage. You can read the whole conversation in the comment section here on this blog 9 hills spa review.

So, let’s get started with the review then.

Quick Details About Spa Cottage

  • Spa Name: Spa Cottage
  • Location: 113, SNS Arista, Opp. happy residency, beside jolly party plot, Udhana Magdalla Road (U.M.road), vesu, surat – 395007
  • Contact: +91 7041051514, 9737612177
  • Massage: Traditional Thai Massage with Normal Oil
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (45 min massage & 15 min shower)
  • Charges: Rs.1100 onwards
  • Happy Ending: YES (Extra Charge Applicable)

Visit their official Facebook page here – Spa Cottage Surat Facebook

About Spa Cottage

The spa cottage is a premium day spa here in the Surat city. Their normal oil massage starts from Rs. 1100. Located in the posh locality of vesu this spa has real-time luxury ambiance and a variety of spa services for customers.

spa cottage 3 vesu surat

Image Courtesy: Spa Cottage

Along with beautiful thai massage rooms they have a separate king size spa room with jacuzzi. Yes, the owner showed me their jacuzzi room and believe me it was really king size. I want to say this, very few spas in Surat have jacuzzi facility. Remember, I am talking about the jacuzzi and not a bathtub.

Their jacuzzi spa service is around Rs.4000/- with a time duration of 60-90 minutes.

Why Spa Cottage is premium & charges more compared to others?

First thing first, they have beautiful and trained thai girls as their thai massage therapists. Second, they have a separate jacuzzi spa facility which is indeed top class.

Third, their spa ambiance is elite. The interiors and exteriors are simple but exclusive. The facility like towels, toiletries, canvas knickers, and massage oils are highly sorted.

Not only this but the parking facility also counts. Now, this is something that the owners believe. My opinion differs here. If you serve your customers better they will visit again and again. And the staff plays an important role in a spa business.

My experience at Spa Cottage

To be honest, the spa facility is great but the massage therapist was not so good. Let me tell you why.

The appointment

On my day of the appointment, I was greeted by the owner at the reception. The owner while explaining the massage services told me the price as well. After listening to him I explained who I am and what I do. He browsed the spareviews blog and confirmed that I am not lying.

spa cottage 1 vesu surat

Image Courtesy: Spa Cottage

Additionally, he gave me a discount of Rs.400. In short, I paid Rs.1100 for a spa of Rs.1500.

The spa room

spa cottage 2 vesu surat

Image Courtesy: Spa Cottage

The spa rooms are nice and cozy with a good amount of space to move around. Shower panels are in working condition with running hot and cold water. In addition, the soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc are in place. All in all the spa rooms are neat, clean and super hygienic.

Atleast they don’t stink like other spa rooms. However, my personal favorite is Coral thai spa massage rooms. They have mirror decorations in each room. I like seeing myself in action. You know what am talkin about.

The massage therapist

Mary is her name which is not real. Actually, the names of girls in thai language are like Aom, Fern, Gan, Kanokwan, etc. But they change when in India or elsewhere.

thai therapist

So, mary is beautiful approx 5 feet and 5 inches. Good physical stats with fair and cool body skin. I don’t know how they manage to remain cool all day long in a hot humid Indian season. Okay, back to Mary.

She was professional in her job and did things quite very good in the beginning. But wait….she degraded everything before it got over.

What went wrong with the thai massage girl?

The same old problem – she didn’t get any tips from me.

I refused to take extra service. I told her that I just wanted to enjoy the massage today and relax. This made her mad. Yeah, I was in no mood to play around with her. The problem was I said this in the middle of the massage and she was furious hearing that.

After a while I realized, man what did I do.

That was a terrible mistake. Let me tell you this if you don’t want to take any extra service from the massage therapist then keep mum. Don’t tell her. If she asks you, again and again, tell her that you will take in the end not now. Doing this will help you avoid a bad massage.

The massage finished before time

The only income source of these thai girls here in India is the money they earn giving happy endings. Now if you deny them money they deny you a good massage. Eventually, you lose both ways.

My time was 45 minutes and Mary wrapped up the massage session in just 30 minutes. Why? because I didn’t pay her for extra services. This happens with many of them. However, this is a classic trick the thai massage therapist use on clients. Let me explain how they trick clients.

The classic trick of thai massage therapists

These girls are trained professionals. They know how to earn good cash in less time. Moreover, the massage sessions are time-constrained. The moment 45 minutes are over they run away leaving you in a towel.

Now you are not going to take a stopwatch in the massage room to track your time. Even if you take one what will you do – enjoy the massage or track your time!

The first 15-20 minutes

First, they will start the massage with full energy and you will be like Ohhh. Great man. I am loving it. After 15-20 minutes they will ask for extra service. If you say YES, Bingo! They hit the jackpot. You pay, take the service, finish your job in 10 minutes and go for a shower. Congrats, you are fooled.

But if you say know they will act very smartly. A thai massage therapist anywhere in the world understands the meaning of a NO. It means only massage and no extra money. What they do is start rubbing you vigorously. Shower you with all the massage oil and throw you in the shower.

Now you are busy getting off that massage oil from your skin in the shower (all alone ). It roughly takes 15-20 minutes to get rid of the oil. On the other hand, your time is over. Congrats, you are fooled again.

Although this doesn’t happen with everyone and neither all the thai therapists are the same. But more or less this is the classic trick to get you out of the massage room in just 30 minutes.

The bottom line is enjoyed those 15 minutes and a cold shower. The experience with Mary was not great but still, I recommend Spa Cottage. You can try thai massage with other thai girls.