Today, we will read a soaring truth about spa and massage business which is otherwise called as the Pink business of India. Although its a billion-dollar industry, yet it has some dark secrets to be revealed. So let’s unleash them.

When the customer reaches the massage room. After about 30 minutes, the massage therapist ask something like this, “Sir, what will the extra service be like?

Yes, those are the words you would normally hear inside the spa room. This is where the pink business of spa centers start. However, there are many options available. Let’s read them:

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Article Highlights

  • Married women also ask for personalized services at a spa.
  • Mostly therapist use alias names instead of real ones.
  • The spa is no more a luxury, it has become a tool to satisfy sensual fantasies.

The price of the extra service is decided in the room itself

Usually, a massage therapist charges something between Rs.500 to Rs.5000 for extra services. This highly depends on the age, look and physical stats of the massage girl. Moreover, it also depends whether the girl is from Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, Nepal, Indian or North-East India.

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There is also a bargain in it. At times, it is also possible that after the completion of the massage, the customer refuses to pay the fixed amount, that’s why the therapist take the money before the service.

According to a spa girl nowadays married women also come forward for extra service. Additionally, there are fewer customers whose focus is only taking a genuine massage. Otherwise, everyone else goes to a spa for extra service only.

First businessmen and married people used to come, now the college-university students are frequently visiting.

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Clients Get to Select the Therapists

Many clients demand to show the staff first, so we have to parade in front of them. Girls have to come back and say ‘Hello sir’ in four seconds before the customer. The customer, who finishes, reaches the room after two minutes.

Therapists Change their Name in the Pink Business

A young woman working at a spa center says that most girls change their name in this business. Because all the massage girls tell at home or to the acquaintances that they work in any office.

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Some girls take the name of the beauty pageant. Working at the spa center, it remains a secret. In response to a question, a spa girl said, this trend is increasing. The reason behind it is there were only a few spa centers, now there are everywhere.

Interview of Massage Girls: The Truth

Massage girls from the spa center told that before taking a job, we also have an interview. The spa center owner takes the interview and if he feels he will call for a second time too.

In the interview, the girls have to show their massage skills to the owner. There is no other customer in it, rather the center owner or his partner remains. The shocking truth is the girl has to show massage skills along with giving extra services to the owner. Now, this is a part of the interview, they say.

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If a girl does not complete full service, then her job falls into sourness. Nowadays new girls are coming in this business more. If a customer is happy the girl will get an extra tip.

Salary & Tips

Massage girls in a spa center tell that earlier we got fixed salary monthly. It was 10-25 thousand rupees per month. Now there’s no salary.

Now they are on a commission basis. The monthly earning is all on the tips and extra service they give to the customer. If a customer does not take any extra service, then he gives a tip of 500-1000 rupees.

Nowadays, only the masses are left to count. We know that every customer needs extra services. In such a case, we take up from two thousand rupees to five thousand rupees for a customer. An average girl in a massage spa attends three to four customers in a day.

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Pink Business Rates of Spa Centers

Rates are fixed according to the terrain. Entry fees which are given on the reception, are about Rs. 2 thousand. This fee ranges from eight hundred rupees to two thousand rupees in spa centers built-in medium posh locality.

Now, in most places, the admission fee is only Rs. 1000. However, there are about 400 hundred spa centers in Surat.

If you look at all the centers, then this business reaches 40 million rupees per day and 120 million rupees per month. Now you can guess the earnings of such spa centers. If the amount is given only at the reception, if it is mixed, then one crore rupees are made daily.

This amount is more than thirty million per month. There is no chance of GST. It is a pleasure business so why GST? However, in most places, the customer makes cash payments.

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Civic Agencies and Local Authority

Some spas have licenses while others operate illegally. To start a spa in Surat city you need surat municipal registration. Secondly, you need a police clearance from the area local police station. Then you need a fire department NOC. Apart from that if there are any other licenses then you will have to take them all.

But the actual scene is different. You just open a spa and never care about any license. The problem arises when local authority conducts a raid on such spas.