This review is about a Swedish body massage I received at the Shine spa in surat. You can read my deep tissue thai massage review that I took at shine spa.

It’s true that you can get a thai body massage at this price in Surat city. Earlier I took deep tissue massage at the Shine spa by a familiar thai therapist. This time the therapist was totally new.

So let’s get started with my experience of having a thai body spa under Rs.800.

My Review of a Thai Body Massage Under Rs.1000

Quick Details About The Shine Spa

  • Spa Name: The Shine Spa
  • Location: Shine Spa, Vimal Hub, 4the floor, B/S Lake View Restaurant, Kargil Chowk, Dumas Rd, Surat
  • Massage: Swedish Massage with Aroma Oil
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (45 min massage & 15 min shower)
  • Charges: Rs.1000
  • Happy Ending: YES (Extra Charges)

About the Spa

I have already reviewed the shine spa ambiance in one of my massage reviews. As usual, the reception staff was friendly. But the lady at reception didn’t give me the monsoon offer benefit.

The room was very soothing. The bathroom has a glass partition and looks good. Toiletries in the bathroom were in place. There was hot water running down the tap.

The canvas knicker and towel were hygienic. All in all the room was beautifully decorated and well lit.

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New Thai Massage Therapist – Mae!

I usually take massage from Anna at the shine spa. But this time anna was not available in India she was in Thailand. So I was given in a new Thai massage therapist. Her name was Mae.

Mae is thick and curvy. Her height is around 5′ and 5″. Dressed in black tees and track. When she entered the room she started playing with the light.

It was really funny to see her do that. She used to switch off and switch on lights, again and again, this was kind of weird for me.

Within 2 minutes I got the idea that I got the wrong massage therapist.

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Her Thai Body Massage Skills

Mae is a huge woman. She is strong. I came to know no about her strength when she started the massage. She was putting immense pressure. I told her but she couldn’t understand what I was trying to tell her.

Honestly, she didn’t know how to massage. Even though she was a Thai girl she was not up to the mark.

Anyhow I adjusted. Meanwhile, I came to know that I have lost my 1000 rupees. And the next 45 minutes are going to be dull and boring.

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Too Much Pressure in a Thai Body Massage 😳

When Mae started the massage I told her that she is applying too much pressure. And that she should stop doing this. I don’t know whether she understood or not what I said. She continued what she was doing with me.

Actually, she was very rude. She didn’t know how to treat a client. I was very much disappointed with her.

She Climbed on My Back

Yes after stroking my back here and there with some massage strokes she climbed on my back. As if I needed extra pressure. As if what she was doing wasn’t enough. That was funny and irritating both.

How could she be so dumb to understand that the pressure was already high and I didn’t need extra pressure?

Somehow she finished with the massage on my backside and told me to flip.

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Now It’s Time to Massage the Front Side

By now 30 minutes were already over. I was more than tired instead of being in a relaxed state. Her body weight gave me serious muscle pain in my back.

I was waiting to see whether she will climb again on me but this time on the front side. No, she didn’t do that.

During the massage, we both didn’t speak anything with each other. Normally I play a lot with Anna during a massage but Mae was quite. And so was I.

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The Extra Service

As per my experience, Thai girls are not shy. They Will ask you whether you want extra service or not. If you say yes they will charge you 2000 to 3000 rupees for full service. If you say no they will finish the massage immediately.

I bargained with Mae over extra service and paid her 1500. I wanted to tell you that bargaining is art here. It’s a pure skill and comes with experience. If you know how to bargain you can buy cheap service from a beautiful thai massage girl. If not you will pay more than required.

My 1500 deal included everything. Yes, literally everything.

Mae told me to take a shower first. I asked her whether she would like to join me in the shower but she refused. It was a major shock for me.

When everything was included then why not a shower. Anna never said no. I was really very upset by now.

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I wasted Total Rs. 2500 (1000+1500)

Yes, I literally wasted 2500 behind a Thai massage therapist. She was neither good in Thai massage or extra service.

Since the massage started I was very skeptical about her massage skills. Moreover, she was very rude about doing certain things. She started showing her tantrums as soon as I paid her. That was a red flag.

By now I was completely mood less. My massage session was ruined and I lost 1500 more. That’s ultimate Karma.

My Ratings – Thai Body Massage

The Shine Spa is indeed a very good place for authentic Thai body massage. But I will certainly not recommend a Thai therapist like Mae to anyone. Her massage skills are zero. She doesn’t know how to treat a client.

If you visit the shine spa and if they give you Mae for body massage. Just tell them no. Tell them to change the therapist or else you are leaving. She was not worth the time or money both.

Hence I will give 1 out of 5 to the Swedish massage at the shine spa. 1 rating because of the massage girl rude behavior and her skills.