The real truth behind the life and earnings of thai spa girls in surat is different. Actually, a massage therapist life is no less than a roller coaster ride.

In this article, we will take a sneak-peek into the cost of living, culture, and earnings of thai spa girls in surat.

thai massage therapist in traditional massage pants

How Do I Know All These Details?

I started taking spa and thai massage services in 2015. Since then I have been to almost every luxury day spa operating in the Surat city. My spa adventures have scaled to the extent that most of the spa owners or managers including thai girls are familiar with me.

And specifically, the thai therapist. They either have my mobile number or I have theirs. That’s the common thing we do inside the massage room. And am a big tattoo fan so we discuss our body tattoos also.

This way they feel quite comfortable with me.

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Marital Status and Age

surat thai spa massage therapist in black mini dress

Their condition of thai spa girls in Surat is different compared to Thailand.

Most thai girls are either single mom or divorcee. You will hardly find an unmarried thai girl in surat. If she tells you that she is unmarried, then you are being fooled. Check their passport for their original Date of birth.

Being extremely fair in complexions many times it becomes tough to judge a thai therapist age. Maybe because of the climatic conditions of the country they belong to.

How do I know this?

The massage is of 1 full hour and there’s a lot of conversation happening during the massage session. This way I get a chance to look into their lifestyle and thai culture.

Normally thai girls are very open-minded. They share personal details with you if they feel comfortable. Additionally, they don’t have anything to hide so it is very casual for them to share any kind of details with clients.

This talking makes the atmosphere comfortable both for them and for the clients.

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6 Months Travel Visa

I don’t know much about visa procedures. But I can narrate what a thai therapist told me during a massage session. Traveling to different countries is a part of the spa therapist job. They get 6 months of travel or work visa depending on the country.

Here, in India, they come on a 6-month travel visa. But they start working in a day spa. Moreover, there’s no one to see what they are doing after they land in India.

They Have Family to Feed

life of thai massage girls in surat city

As said above most of the thai girls are either a single mom or divorced. In both situations, they have a family to feed at home. This is the main reason for them to travel across the globe and work in massage parlors.

I met a spa therapist back in 2016 who was a beautiful single mom with an 8-year-old boy. Her mother looked after the boy when she was out of the country.

If you ask a thai girl about their favorite work destination then it would be Dubai. Yeah, not India! They work on less salary if given a chance to travel to Dubai or European countries. I don’t know how true is that anyway.

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Aged Yet Beautiful Thai Therapist

hot thai massage girls in read dress

Not only single mum or divorced thai therapist, but I have also seen aged yet beautiful thai women in Surat. I really feel very surprised when I see such Thai women in spa and massage parlors. There’s nothing wrongdoing such kind of jobs.

According to my experience, I can tell that such thai women are ready to provide any kind of extra massage service to their clients. After all, money is what brings them here.

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Thai Therapist Monthly Income

On the other hand, these women being aged gets very fewer clients in one single day compared to young thai girls.
This is the big reason why they are ready to do any kind of extra service for their clients at a dirt-cheap rate. Sometimes they even do it for only a 1000 rupee.

It’s not that they are forced to do it. They do it willingly because they know that they need to send money back to Thailand every month.

Expensive Lifestyle

One thing that amazes me is that even though they earn a lot of money here in surat. There is no considerable change in their life back in their hometown. Girls from poor villages remain to be poor and living the same life after they go back to their hometown.

What’s the reason? Why their financial condition doesn’t change despite earning good money? The reason is their expensive lifestyle.

First thing first, they are in the beauty business so they need to maintain themselves. Their beauty and cosmetics take up a large chunk of money out of their earnings. Second, they drink expensive liquor and mostly eat out at the MacDonalds or KFC here in Surat.

If you want to see a lot of beautiful thai girls all in one place then visit KFC located opposite of Valentine Cinema at Piplod Road, Surat. Now that’s a very expensive lifestyle to maintain on a daily basis.

Thai Therapist Rate Card

An average thai massage girl normally charges Rs.1000 for a handjob, Rs.2000 for body to body and Rs. 3000 for full service including a shower with the clients.

If a thai girl attends even 3 clients a day. And decides to give an extra service of only 1000 she would roughly earn 3000 daily. And it would be monthly 90000 as extra income from tips. Salary is not included.

This I have counted on a lower side. Now imagine if the girl is young and beautiful she will double all the above-mentioned charges. You can calculate her monthly earnings.

All in all their monthly income is more than Rs. 100000.

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Night Party with Thai Girls

Once I happened to visit one of my thai girlfriends who was living in a rented 3bhk flat located at Keval Chowk, Dumas Road, Ichchhanath Surat. She invited me for a night out at her shared residence. I was completely unaware that she was living with 8 to 10 more thai girls.

The scene at the flat was completely mind-twisting. There were liquor bottles, soda, and chilled water bottles. Non-veg food parcels, cigarettes, and lots of gorgeous thai girls.

I was like – what the f**k man.

Everybody else was surprised to see me, but later on, invited me. Now that’s a completely different story I would write some other time.

Hence, looking at all these I wonder what savings do they have and how much would they send back home.