Thaya thai spa in surat at vesu location was previously known as Relaxo thai spa. The location is posh and the shopping complex “Raghuveer Business Park” is kind of good. It’s not crowded like the adjacent shopping complex “Safal Square”. I have been to the V5 thai spa in Safal Square. You will find young crowds, shops, eateries and a lot more at Safal Square.

thaya spa surat

A kinda ideal place to hang out.

Unfortunately, that’s not the story with the Raghuveer business park. I know this place for a very long time. Probably since 2015. When it was newly constructed and Relaxo thai spa was inaugurated.

That time it was Raju Patel who owned this thai spa in Surat. You can read about him here 4 body massage spa in raghuveer business park. Now he has left the spa and even the city.

The management at the Thaya thai spa is new.

Now someone else is running the spa. But then who cares and anyway what difference does it make. Raju Patel is not going to give me or you a thai massage. Apparently I should thank god for that.

So back to the review now. In this article, I will be reviewing Thaya thai spa in Surat Vesu location. Moreover, I will also tell how was my experience. How did my massage session go? More importantly how long it lasted and many more updates.

Let’s begin.

Thaya Thai Spa in Vesu Surat – How’s it: Good or Bad?

I didn’t plan to go to the Thaya thai spa if I may tell you this. Nope. I planned to go to the Sabai Dee thai spa which is exactly above the thaya thai spa. However, the sabaidee thai spa didn’t have a card swipe facility. And I didn’t have cash.

There’s an ATM on the ground floor at Raghuveer Business Parl but without cash. So, I dropped the idea of going to sabaidee thai spa and went to the thaya thai spa.

The reason behind going to sabaidee thai spa is altogether different. 3 readers of spareviews requested me to review the sabaidee spa. 1 in the comment and 2 via email. In addition, for a long time, I didn’t publish a fresh new thai spa review. Hence, I decided to give it a try on Sunday 02-03-2020.

Luckily, the thaya thai spa got a new client. Let’s start with What You See Is What You Should Review (WYSIWYSR) pattern.

The Location of Thaya Thai Spa Surat Vesu

It’s easy to spot the location of the thaya spa in Surat. It’s located in the cream locality of Vesu. The landmarks near the thaya spa include S.D.Jain school, Happy Home residency, Safal square, and Jolly party plot. Read below to see the exact address and other spa details.

Other Details of Thaya Thai Spa in Surat

  • Address: Shop no. UG-18, 1st floor, raghuvir business park, opposite Jolly Party Plot, Vesu, Surat – 395007, Near Vesu Chokdi, Near Safal Square
  • Contact: +91 97262 67111
  • Staff: Thai massage therapist
  • Price: Rs.1000 onwards
  • Payment: Cash, credit or debit cards accepted
  • Extra services: Available

The Interiors of the Thaya Thai Spa

Pretty “good” if I must say it in one Word.

The new management and owners haven’t changed the interior of the spa. It is as it was in 2015. Just minor changes here and there. Nothing much. In short, the interiors aren’t flashy like red, green and blue neon lights. Its eye soothing. The reception is big enough with a sofa to sit and wait if you are in waiting.

Besides, the lights are very dim. I don’t know why they keep dim lights in the reception area and bright ones in the room. It should be the opposite. Anyway, I was not there to dig a goldmine and therefore it can be overlooked.

The Interiors of the Massage Room

The massage rooms are small and cozy just like it should be. No flashy wallpapers. The bathroom had very fewer toiletries. The therapist gave me her shampoo and body wash. There’s a basin next to the bathroom and a small cupboard next to the basin. The cupboard didn’t open. It was shut down permanently.


To my surprise, there was no stopper on the doors. It looked like they removed the stoppers because I could see holes on the door. Usually, massage rooms in thai spas in surat have stoppers on the door. So that no one enters the room during the massage session.

But then there’s an unwritten rule of the body massage centers. No one knocks or enters the massage room when the massage is going on. So technically even if there’s no stopper you need not worry. No one will know what happens inside the massage room.

What happens in the massage room stays in the massage room.

Pungent Smell in the Massage Room

The massage room decor was beautiful but the room was shaggy. There was a very strong smell in the room. I guess the smell was not of the aroma oil because I know how massage oils smell. Moreover, the room was not clean. I could see oil on the floor that wasn’t properly cleaned.

Paula – The Thai Massage Therapist at Thaya Thai Spa Vesu

thai massage therapist paula foto thaya thai spa vesu surat 1

Paula is indeed a treat. This thai girl in surat has some remarkable massage skills I must say. First I was very hesitant to go with Paula but later on, I was feeling lucky to have her.

So, How did Paula land in my lap? (not technically)

Normally if you go to a Thai massage you are not allowed to select the therapist. They don’t even show the face or photographs. But the story is different now. There are many thai body massage centers in Surat now.

Everyone is trying to attract the client. And this has changed the rule. Spa owners now keep photos of thai therapist in the smartphones. They show them to clients. The client can now choose their desired therapist by looking at images.

I got the chance too. I selected Paula.

But wait. There’s something else I am lucky about. I write spa reviews. And this gives me a special privilege. I tell them about my blog ( and what I do here. They read my about page, see my images, and they treat me in a special way. This way I get good discounts and best massage therapists in the town.

Okay now back to Paula.

Thai Massage Skills of Thai Therapist Paula at the Thaya Thai Spa

Excellent and ridiculously awesome.

Let me tell you one thing. Even if you don’t know anything about thai massage or how it is done still you will be able to tell whether the thai therapist is good or bad. How?

The massage strokes and the pattern tells a lot about the thai therapist. Additionally, the variations in massage techniques also speak a lot about the thai therapist here in Surat.

In short, the first 5 minutes massage will tell you what you have bought for the next 40 to 50 minutes. Thai therapists use a combination of hands, fist, fingers, and elbow. Paula did the same.

How was the Massage Sessions with Paula?thai massage therapist paula foto thaya thai spa vesu surat 3

Calm and soothing. The massage strokes were uniform on all body parts. First, she did the oil by gently rubbing it on the body. Then she started the massage with the palm and fist by giving medium pressure. Next, she did massage with her elbow with a little high pressure.

Each and every move was near to perfection.

I have been to countless spas in Surat and have taken massage sessions that even I don’t remember now. But Paula’s thai massage skills are out of the box. Simply amazing, relaxing and comforting.

Paula’s thai massage in surat is a total paisa vasool thing you would want to try.

What else Paula Do apart from Massage?

You won’t believe it if I tell you because I was a little surprised by her menu. This little thai girl in Surat is a gourmet of a variety of extra services. Alongside regular massage services, she offers everything that comes to your mind. Yeah, including an*l.

thai massage therapist paula foto thaya thai spa vesu surat 2

Price varies on what type of extra service you take from her. It roughly starts from Rs.1000 and goes up to Rs.3500. The 3500 package includes A to Z. For example, massage, boom-boom, B2B, An*l, and shower.

Remember, this is the tip money that you give to the thai therapist. The money you pay at the reception doesn’t count in this.

In short, Paula is a combo package. The choice is yours and the budget too. Spend wisely. I would suggest you enjoy the massage instead of taking extra services. I did the same. Just massage and nothing else.

Hence, back to the question.

Thaya Thai Spa Vesu Surat: Good or Bad?

Of course, recommended. 100% recommended if you want the best thai massage experience of your life. Paula is the best thai therapist in the town I have met so far. I am recommending this only because of the thai therapist. Yet, the massage rooms are a major turn off.