Today I will review the Complexions Family Spa. Finally, I visited a spa for massage & more importantly to write a review. It is because I was unable to visit or review spas since the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hence, you will be reading something new. So, let’s begin with the spa review.

Complexions Family Spa & Health Care

I visited this spa in 2016-17 when SPA REVIEWS didn’t even exist. Back then it was Rs.1000 for a 1-hour oil massage without any kind of extra service. Actually, they didn’t offer any kind of extra services back then.

Hence, I decided that I will go there again, take massage services & write about it. I thought my readers will come to know about a decent spa here in surat city.

So, here’s the long-awaited spa review for you people.

The Complexions Family Spa Location

The spa is located at 3/4, Nandipark Society, Nr. Chandni Chowk, B/h Vijay Sales, Dumas Road, Piplod, Surat 395007. The location is quite & calm. This particular spa is not in a mall or shopping complex. It’s a private property & the owner has converted it into a spa. It’s on the first floor.

Most importantly the area where this spa is located in the posh locality of surat city. Yeah, am talking about the piplod area. Totally safe to visit this spa. No nonsense & no nuisance.

Complexions Family Spa Contact Details

They have phone numbers & email addresses as their primary means of communication. Take a look below.

  • Phone: 0261-2257666, 7567936600
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Google Map Link:

To help you find the spa I have embedded the map. Take a look.

Surprisingly the head office of the complexions spa is in the UK. Imagine you have your H.O. in a foreign country and here you even don’t have a website for your clients to make appointments.

एक वेबसाइट ही बना लो. क्या ये गूगल की फ्री वेबसाइट सर्विस इस्तेमाल कर रहे हो. If the owner is reading this then I want to tell you that it is not going to cost you a fortune to build a professional website.

Online Presence of Complexions Family Spa

I am quite surprised to see only 16 reviews on Google. The average rating is 4.8. They have uploaded spa pics but not much. That’s annoying. In short, the owner is not putting in serious efforts. Common man, you have a good place to let people know about it.

Then there’s a third-party website for appointments. I have never heard about this site. Nor have I booked any of my spa appointments here. Their online presence is poor compared to others. Need to work on that.

Parking Facility

Ample space to park your vehicle. Even if you take a car there’s enough parking. Additionally, there’s no risk of traffic police towing your vehicle. Therefore, relax & enjoy the spa instead of worrying about your vehicle.

The best part is the parking is free. I mean you don’t have to pay money. It’s a private property & there’s no surat SMC pay & park issue. Just take care your vehicle is parked nicely.

The Complexions Family Spa Ambience

I love this place. The energy & vibes are good. The place will light up your massage mood. I have been to spas & believe me the moment you enter you get good or bad vibes. You feel uncomfortable. See there’s no rocket science in it. It is our inner sense that tells us whether to stay or to getaway.

However, things are different for me. I need to be there immaterial of the place being good or bad. If I get out how will I tell you what is good & what’s not? In short, the spa ambience is well decorated & you feel rejuvenated.

The Reception

Like I said the spa is on the 1st floor. As soon as you enter you will see the reception area attached to a small office. A boy welcomed me there. He was hardly 30 kg including his pant & shirt.🤣🤣🤣 I highly doubt whether or not he knew anything about spa & massage.

I have seen this here in Surat. The spa centres here don’t believe in receiving customers seriously. In short, anyone & everyone can sit at the reception counter. This I can say from my experience of visiting spas in surat.

मतलब किसी को भी बैठा दिया जाता हैं. उसको न मसाज के बारे में जानकारी हैं और न ही उसको ये पता हैं की कस्टमर को कैसे ट्रीट किया जाता हैं. कुछ भी चल रहा हैं. This is seriously annoying.

Okay back to the reception boy. He gave me a 50% discount on any service that I take. He thought I will be happy to hear this. As if this is my first massage. Therefore, I paid Rs.1200 for a 1-hour oil massage. The good news is they have Google Pay, card swipe & cash payment facilities. I liked this.

Now it’s time to take the massage & you also have been waiting for the climax. Let’s see what happened.

My Massage Experience @ The Complexions Spa, Surat

For easy understanding, I have classified my experience into sections. This will help you to enjoy reading long texts. Now, read & leave your comment.

The Massage Room

Excellent. I must say that the massage rooms at the complexions spa are beautifully decorated. Not only this but they are well lit, hygienic & has modern wooden furniture. The most important thing is the room didn’t have a bad smell. I have visited spa rooms with foul smells. God knows how I survived.

Okay back to the room. There was an attached shower room, a massage table & dim massage lights. The energy in the room was calming. I didn’t experience bad vibes in the room. It was soothing & relaxing. 10 out of 10 for the room.

The Massage Therapist

My experience with the female massage therapist at the complexions spa was okay. The word okay carries 2 meanings.

First, her massage skills were excellent. I totally recommend her if you are looking for a genuine body massage. Let me tell you that I didn’t ask her name. In other words, if you want a relaxing massage then this place & the therapist are number one choice.

Second, her extra services are absolutely miserable. I mean too much money for nothing in return. Yes, out of curiosity I took the extra services. But believe me, I was unhappy. She charged me with Rs.3000. For this much money, a thai massage therapist would give me a ride to heaven. However, this lady disappointed me.

Let me clear some facts here. The extra services at the complexions spa don’t include boom-boom. Nope. Only body to body & nothing else. And this she told me after I paid her. Disgusting. How could she do this to me?

The bottom line is don’t take extra services at this spa. You will be highly disappointed. Otherwise, the massage is excellent. Go for it.

The Thai Massage Service

Like I said above the massage service is excellent. You must totally consider visiting this place once. Let’s keep aside what I said about the extra services. If we do this then this is an ideal place to get a thai spa massage.

The therapist was highly skilled in her massage strokes. She was great in what she did. However, she even knew what she was doing. For example, a thai massage follows a pattern of strokes.

If you are doing back massage then there will be a repetition. Her hands will move in a particular direction. I have come across female therapists who themselves didn’t know what they were doing.

The bottom line – this spa has a well-trained female massage therapist. Totally recommended.