In this article, I will be reviewing a full-fledged shopping mall which has more than a dozen spa on its premises. The shopping mall is located in a premium locality of the Surat city. Reading further you will find out why I call it as the spa heaven of Surat city.

The Location

marvella corridor google maps location

The shopping mall is Marvella corridor located at the Vesu VIP Road. The exact landmark to reach Marvella corridor shopping mall is the Shyam Baba temple. If you travel straight from Shyam Baba temple towards Surat airport road you will find Marvella Corridor Shopping Mall on your right side.

So, before we begin the review process let’s check out how you can reach this shopping mall if you are in Surat city.

How to Reach the Spa Heaven of Surat City?

The location of Marvella Corridor from Surat Central Bus and railway station is more than 20 Km. It’s hardly a 15 minutes run in UBER or OLA. It won’t take more than 10 minutes if you are traveling in a private car or on a bike.

If you are at Surat airport then head in the direction of the university road. If you are at VR mall then ask for Nandni luxury apartments or go to 4 Point shopping mall which is located near Marvella Corridor.

Famous Landmarks Near Marvella Corridor

The following are the famous landmarks you can use to locate the shopping mall.

  • Shyam Baba Temple
  • Roongta Shopping Mall
  • CB Patel Health Club
  • CB Patel Party Plot

Famous Food Joints & Shops in Marvella Corridor

The following are the famous food joints and shops you can visit in the shopping mall.

marvella corridor google maps location

  • Mahesh Pav bhaji
  • Club Shanghai
  • The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe
  • Jay Ambe Farsan Mart
  • Amby’s Spa
  • Jalaram Khichdi
  • MCA Ministry of Cheesy Affairs
  • Waffles House
  • New Bhai Bhai Omelet

Why do I call Marvella Corridor – The Spa Heaven of Surat city?

Marvella corridor is a multi-story shopping mall built by the Marvella Group with premium food joints, shops, offices and lots of massage parlors.

There are approximately more than a dozen spa and massage parlors in one single shopping mall. I have visited Rahul Raj Mall and VR Mall along with Iscon Mall. All these shopping malls have 4 for 5 Thai massage and spa which is quite normal.

However, Marvella Corridor goes beyond by having more than 1 dozen spa located on different floors in the same premises. This is the reason why I called it the Spa heaven of Surat city. Now, where will you get a dozen of a spa with beautiful girls under one roof? Isn’t it amazing?

What kind of massage are available?

You can get all kinds of massage in the spa located in the Marvella Corridor Shopping mall.

For example, you can get a double hand massage, four hand massage, body to body massage, female to male body massage and happy ending massage in a very dirt cheap rate.

What are the charges?

The spa and massage charges start from something around  Rs.500 to Rs.1500 only.

The rates actually depend on the spa location, type of massage available and the kind of massage therapist that you choose for spa services. Based on my experience you won’t need anything more than just a 1000 rupees.

Except for a couple of spa and massage parlors, every other spa will charge you the above-given rates only. Do not pay them more as the service they give is worth this price only.

What is the quality of massage parlors?

The quality of massage parlors at Marvella corridor shopping mall can be rated as excellent to poor. 

The reason why I’m telling poor is there are certain spas in Marvella corridor shopping mall which are just built in a small shop.

You cannot even tell them a spa because they are made in a small shop with some fabrication partitions and a couple of mattresses. Typically the Bengali girls of Surat operate these spas.

How they Operate a Spa in Shop?

These Bengali girls collectively rent a small shop in Marvella Corridor shopping mall. They make a small room kind of structure using aluminum partitions with red and green deem lights.

The partitions are hardly more than the size of the mattress. Many times you will not find even a bed. All you will get is just a mattress lying on the floor. Just lie down there, finish your work and go.

Now you would have known what I am trying to say. Except for a couple of spa in Marvella corridor shopping mall, most of the spas massage parlors are one shop single mattress partition massage parlors run by the Bengali girls.

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I will post individual reviews of all the spa and massage parlors located in the Marvella Corridor shopping mall. Additionally, I will also recommend you the best spa based on my own personal experiences.

Read those reviews and then select the best one to have a good massage.