Recently, while browsing my massage story feed I came across the following one on Medium. Hence, I couldn’t resist myself sharing it on my spa reviews blog for my readers.

So, here’s the actual encounter of an individual who happens to visit a spa located in Gurgaon. Without further ado, I would leave with reading his experience in his own words.

The Story Starts from Here

Hi, I am writing this blog to share my recent experiences in spa massage centers in Gurgaon. This is an attempt to bring the truth out and also to alert the respective authorities and public about what is going in Gurgaon.

And yes, this is also an attempt to give me some comfort from the constant guilt I feel by indulging in these activities.
Before we go further, I am not a bachelor with age between 25–30, a male who works in the IT industry.


My Friend’s Recommendation

One of my friends recommended to me to try out spa massage centers here in Gurgaon. First I didn’t take him seriously. I always felt they will be no good but recently I thought I will try 1 of them.

I tried Aura day spa in the MGF Megacity Mall. It was on the ground floor and I didn’t think it would be shady — as it was in a crowded public area. Right in front of the spa is the kids play area.


The Reception

I went in — the receptionist was a pretty lady and dressed rather provocatively (I am not judging — just in hindsight all these things matter). She told me 1800 for 60 minutes spa. I didn’t bargain and paid in advance. I was shown to a clean room and asked to change. Room was dimly lit.

I changed into white disposable underwear — which barely fit me and was totally transparent. After a minute came the therapist/masseuse. She, like the receptionist, was dressed rather boldly and was wearing high heels.

She started with a dry massage and then started chatting. This is a great mark to identify if you are in a shady spa or a good spa. She asked my name, where I am from and I asked her.


She then became a little more open and started asking about my personal life.

I lied to her and started telling me about her and her past boyfriends. While this was happening, she was massaging my legs and my back.

She removed my underwear without asking and started massaging my butt. I should have stood up and left- but I didn’t (yes this is my bad and that’s why I am here). Her talk also became bold and so did her hand movements.

She was gently even stroking my testicles. I foolishly enjoyed this. Almost 30 minutes went by — when she asked do you want extra services too. I inquired as to what they are. she said Handjob for 2000.


After minor bargaining, she said 1500 and no less and I didn’t say no.

I received a handjob. This was the start of my fall. After this incident, I became a little bold (read shameless). I visited other malls also.

Notably Grand mall on MG road (body nation spa on the 3rd floor and I didn’t visit the 2nd floor spa but I have been told they are same), Mega Mall DLF Phase 1 (Celebrity spa, Balinese spa, Aura day spa) and also JMD regent arcade mall (Eden spa, Spa time, Dream spa) on MG road.

All these malls have such spa. Every time it’s the same thing. Some of these spas even give you choice — Northeast or north Indian. I doubt if any spa here is not shady. From what I heard from my friends — such spas are plenty in gold souk mall too.


Why Am I Sharing This?

I feel the shame of being into all this. At first, I didn’t feel bad at receiving handjob — I said to my self it’s not sex and I am not married. Then I asked the masseuse to be topless and give me a handjob.

After that, it came to body 2 body massage. Where they get naked and give massage with their bodies. Then came blowjobs. I started feeling like shit and couldn’t take this behavior of me anymore.

If I share with the right authorities I can have some redemption. Moreover, the right action will be taken and these shady spas and massage centers will either shut or legally be recognized as places of prostitution.

When you do visit these spas, they always ask you are a member or is this your first time, etc. From what I have understood this tells them how far to go with a customer. Also, all these spas are present on popular deal apps like Little app, etc.

I hope someone publishes the truth about spas in Gurgaon. It is disgusting that they are operating so openly in places where kids come to play and families come to shop.

I hope Gurgaon which can definitely be a good place — can be better without such spas. And I am sorry for indulging in these activities and I hope I can be forgiven.