A professional massage can not only soothe your body but also mind and spirit. Additionally, it improves your immunity, blood circulation and decreases anxiety. However, there are 5 things you can do before taking a body massage.

Doing this will ensure that you are more likely to experience the best body spa of your lifetime.

Shower Before a Massage

Shower Before a Massage

Yes, take a shower before taking a massage. You can take shower either at home or at the spa too. Now, you would be like why should I shower before taking massage? The reason is big.

The therapist continues to smell everything. The front smell, the back smell, armpit smells, breath smells and lots more. Taking bath beforehand will wash away the dirt and sweat from private parts of the body.

It’s better to wash the body properly before being rubbed or else the bad odor will continue to make the therapist uneasy the whole time.

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Remove Your Jewelry

Remove Your Jewelry

This is a must for everyone who is going for a body spa. The reason being your jewelry would most likely hurt you during the spa session is on.

Whether it’s a small ring or a delicate gold or silver chain around your neck – remove it! This will help the therapist to put even pressure on every inch of your body.

Females, especially tend to wear jewelry on a daily basis and even at the massage and body spa centers. It would be advisable to remove and keep them at home safely.

Tell the Therapist About Any Medical Condition

Tell the Therapist About Any Medical Condition

If you have any kind of pain or any health concern or condition, tell her before the massage begins. You can also tell the spa manager about your medical condition at the time of making an appointment.

You can also talk about knee or joint pains that is ailing you for a long time. The thai massage therapist is well trained in eliminating pain.

Henceforth, it is better you talk about everything that is concerning you before the session begins.

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No Perfumes or Deodorants

Spray Perfume

While perfume and deodorants might work good for you but it may cause a sense of skin irritation. When spa oils are applied on the skin having perfumes or deodorants already on it might give rashes, itchiness or redness.

Moreover, if you have skin allergies then it is a must that you go with a dry massage instead of oil.

No Massage After Heavy Eating

No Massage After Heavy Eating

Avoid going for a massage after eating a heavy meal or if you feel your tummy is full. It is because more than 20 or 30 minutes you will be lying on your stomach.

Moreover, the pressure will be applied by the therapist on your backside. This way full tummy would make you uneasy during the session.

Always take body massage sessions on an empty stomach. And drink more water once your massage gets over. Drinking water after the massage will replenish dehydrated muscles.

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A spa is a close encounter with a female therapist. It’s up-close and personal. Doing the above 5 things will not only help your therapist but it will also help you to get the best spa experience. So, get comfortable, relax and enjoy.