Today I will be reviewing V5 thai spa massage services from an Indian massage therapist.

I have already published a preview of V5 thai spa with real-time images of thai massage girls. Before reading this review I would recommend reading the preview first. The V5 thai spa review is about thai massage from an Indian therapist.


V5 thai spa vesu surat (Image source: Google)

This is the second time I guess I had an Indian therapist to give me a thai massage. Earlier I had a sensual massage session with an awesome Indian girl Naznin. You can read all the details here in the 9 hills spa reviews. So without much ado let’s review V5 thai spa.

Quick Details About V5 (VFive) Thai Spa

  • Spa Name: V5 aka VFive Thai Spa
  • Location: Shop No. S-10, 4th Floor, Safal Square, Opp. Prime Shoppers, Udhana Magdalla Road, Vesu, Surat – 395007
  • Contact: +91 9624281999
  • Massage: Normal Massage with Medium Pressure & Aroma Oil
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (45 min massage & 15 min shower)
  • Charges: Rs.1000 onwards
  • Happy Ending: YES (Extra Charge Applicable)

In the V5 thai spa preview, I had already discussed the location, thai staff pics, and why you should visit this spa. So, let’s not talk about it and directly go to the massage experience.

My Thai Massage Experience with an Indian Therapist

I have already said this – an Indian therapist + thai massage is a rare combo. It is because you don’t normally see an Indian girl rubbing you in thai style. Another reason is thai is not our style of massage. Our is Indian Tel Maalish.

First, let me tell you something about the Indian massage therapist.

Khushi – My Masseur at the V5 Thai Spa

A masseur is a person who provides professional massage services. Khushi is well built, young and chubby. Moreover, she is unmarried. How do I know all these? We had a chat during the massage. Yeah, I talk with the massage girls. This way I get to know them. Besides, all this makes the therapist comfortable.

Let me tell you this – Khushi’s thai massage skills are actually very average. She does thai massage in Indian style. Her core massage skills are altogether below average because she is not a professional masseur.

v5 thai spa girls 3

Indian Therapist @ V5 Thai Spa Vesu Surat

It was very easy to spot that Khushi didn’t know massage

The first thing she did was start with the leg and thigh. Lower than the medium pressure. This kind of pressure is applied during massage on a newborn. She was pampering my legs. Her total attention was in extra service and not body massage.

After 15 minutes, a bottle full of massage oil, and some random strokes here and there she made the final call.

Sir, you are here only for massage?

In my mind I was like – Baby I knew this is coming. By now we both came to know that massage is not the ultimate thing between us so let’s do something else.

What else can you do apart from pouring oil on my body?

I asked her this. She instantly replied – everything. I was like. In short, she was not for a massage but only for extra income. The bargain started and finally, we both agreed on Rs.2000. She was not happy with the money but I was already making a loss and I explained that to her.

Moreover, I also promised her that next time I will pay her Rs.2500. So, now the deal was final and the payment was made it was time for some action.

She has vibrant vital stats (literally)

I kinda like chubby girls and Khushi had already impressed me with her physical stats. That was the main reason behind selecting her I guess. On top of it, the revealing clothes she was wearing would make anyone go gaga over her. Look at her image. Isn’t she beautiful?

Other skills apart from massage

I must say this she was really very good at doing stuff. Like pampering you, talking lovely things, asking you how was your day, how’s your life going, and a lot more. In short, if you want a girlfriend experience and want someone to pamper you then she is the perfect girl at V5 thai spa.

So after all the lovely chit chat, she started pouring oil on my back. I was in the canvas knickers as usual and she was without any clothes. It was time for a B2B massage. For about 15 minutes all this happened in an enclosed massage room at the V5 thai spa. The room was clean and the lights were dim.

She played sensual massage music on her smartphone. The mirror in the massage room reflected each and every action between us.

The final countdown

After the sensual B2B massage and all those foreplay, you can imagine it was time for the final action. To make it more fulfilling I asked her can we do it in the shower. Request approved!

I want to tell you that showers at V5 thai spa massage center are partitioned by the glass. If you put off all the lights in the massage room except the shower then this would look very romantic.

With all these arrangements we both got into the shower and first decided to clean up. It was very oily all over the skin. She was doing all the cleaning work up, down, back, front and everywhere. As soon as the cleaning was done she made the move and I was all into her.

Last minutes in the shower

The session lasted for 20 minutes in the shower. I was out of the time already and I realized it. But what else could I do? I was in the middle of doing a girl, almost without any clothes, wet, on full throttle and everything else that’s in your mind right now. Exactly, I just continued.

All in all, it was a relaxing and refreshing experience. Khushi was awesome in the massage room with all her skills. The price that I paid was the lowest because no one gives everything in just Rs.2000. I would highly recommend V5 thai spa and Khushi both.