I had a very unusual body massage experience at one of the spas in the surat city. It’s the Cloud9 Spa. First thing first, this is not an authentic thai massage or body massage spa.

Besides, it was just a one-time affair for me at this spa. This is what I am going to write about in this article. Typically it wasn’t a spa and neither I would call it a good massage experience.

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So, let’s review my overall thai body massage experience at Cloud9 spa, Adajan, Surat.

Quick Details About Cloud 9 Spa

  • Spa Name: Cloud 9 Spa (earlier Bombay Spa)
  • Location: Shop No.107, Aqua Corridor, Besides Star Bazar, Adajan, Surat
  • Contact: +91 8000338466, 7874609704101
  • Massage: Thai Massage with Plain Oil
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (45 min massage & 15 min shower)
  • Charges: Rs.1000
  • Happy Ending: YES (Extra Charges)

About the Spa

body massage experience at cloud 9 spa surat

This massage and body spa is neither authentic nor thai. The Cloud 9 spa is located in a prime location on the 1st floor of Aqua Corridor Shopping Complex.

There are 2 to 3 other Thai massage parlors in the same premises on the second floor. You can see in the above image. The Cloud 9 spa has flashy interiors. I mean typically red, blue and green lights.

There are small compartments made out of aluminum sections. They call it as massage rooms. The massage room is hardly bigger than the massage bed or table in it. In short, the room is just as big as the massage table.

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I was barely able to move while changing my clothes. Yes, they give canvas knickers along with towels. There is no separate bathing space.

All you have to do is on the table. Yeah, literally I did everything on the table itself. 🤣

Additionally, there are some regular toiletries offered like soap, shampoo, oil, etc. All in all, if you know how to fit in a small box then you can fit in this massage room.

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The Massage Therapist

Let me make it very clear, this spa has no thai girls. The staff here is from Bombay. The girls are rude and they don’t know anything about massage. Although they guarantee the best thai massage without thai masseuse.

Now, that’s kinda funny. 😆

All they care about is – rub your body into oil for like 10 minutes and then ask for money. Yeah, that’s how it works.

What Happened in the Massage Room?

Okay, my luck was 0.01% ahead the day I visited Cloud 9 spa. Because there was some new staff from Bombay. The session was in the morning at 11 am. I paid in cash and went to the room. I was surprised to see the room.

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Like I said above I could barely move. So using all my survival skills I managed to get in those canvas knickers.

After a while, the massage therapist came and she was not in uniform. Just a t-shirt and jeans with too much flashy makeup. So, now we are 2 people in a 6×3 inch room.

I was wondering how will I wash the oil and most importantly “WHERE”.

Till now I had cursed myself a thousand times. Okay back to the massage.

I turned back and she started pouring and rubbing oil on my back. The moment she started the massage I knew she knows nothing about it. She was just delicately greasing oil on my back.

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After 15 minutes. . .

She asked the usual question – Do You Want Extra Service?

Now let me tell you that the extra service rates of Indian girls differ to that of thai girls. Indian massage therapist comparatively charges low than thai ones.

I told her honestly I had no mood to take any kind of service. The small room had already suffocated me. And I was literally trying to get out of there.

The massage therapist was quite annoyed with me since I was the first client refusing to take her extra services.

The charges were nominal. Rs.2000 for the body to body massage experience including everything (except boom boom). I got this word boom boom from thai girls. That’s a synonym for s*x.

Long story short, my 1000 got wasted.

By now the massage therapist was done with me, I mean pouring oil all over my body. It was time to take a bath. I was very eager to know how will I bath using a jet spray hanging in the corner of the bed. How?

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It was a surprise!

She was going to clean me.

On the bed.

I want to really give a thumbs-up on this one. The bed bath was awesome. She was very good at cleaning my body oil. She scrubbed very well, applied shower gel and delicately did all the stuff.

Hence, if you want to enjoy a bed bath then Cloud 9 is the best one. Not typically for thai massage I would say. Moreover, extra services are also available so one can really enjoy a happy ending massage here.

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My Ratings – Cloud 9 Spa and Massage

Massage is not an authentic thai massage. It’s typically Indian oil massage (Tel Malish). The staff is Indian and not Thai girls.

I would rate 1 out of 5. One for the bed bath.