Massage stories are a kind of people’s experiences. These are stories of people visiting spa and massage parlors across the globe. They can be funny, tragic, sensual and awkward altogether.

I constantly search for such kind of stories on the internet. Just today when I searched “top massage stories” I came across a few of them. You can read them here and explore many others too.

Today we will be reading 2 different and awkward massage stories.

Both of them are from a professional massage therapist. When an expert tells a story it really adds value and emotions to it.

Julia’s Awkward Massage Story Julia's Awkward Massage Story at spa reviews

This story is from Julia Wilson. She’s a biology major and a certified massage therapist. Julia is a certified aromatherapist too. So, let’s hear it from Julia.

In my massage career so far, I’ve been blessed with a minimal amount of awkwardness. I’m sure as I continue in the industry I will rack up my own fair share of stories.

But for now, only one mildly awkward situation comes to mind that happened towards the beginning of my career.

I had massaged a middle-aged woman. She had then proceeded to be so excited about my work that she booked a massage for her (also middle-aged), boyfriend.

So, on the appointed day, this very nice fellow comes in and I have him fill out his intake form.

He duly noted that he had never had a massage prior to this, so before we started, I explained what would happen during the massage and also offered to answer any questions he had.

Once that was concluded, I told him to please lie facedown under the sheets. I indicated with my hand. I told I would be back in a few minutes.

He was undressed and comfortable.

I went out to wash my hands and finish signing off on his form and then gently knocked to enter the room. He said to come on in, and I was greeted with a rather comical sight.

At the end of my table, nicely folded, I have a small blanket that is there to keep the client’s feet a little warmer or that I can use to cover their body in case they are unusually cold.

It’s nothing more than a square throw such that you would put on your couch, and is not large enough to comfortably cover one’s whole body.

However, this poor gentleman had apparently misunderstood my instructions regarding being both facedown and under the sheets, because he was face up and under the little throw blanket, which he had unfolded and placed over himself.

Thus, he was between the throw blanket and the top blanket of my table rather than between the flat and fitted sheets.

I suppressed a surprised smile and exclamation and, not wanting to embarrass him by indicating he had not quite gotten where I wanted him, I just decided to continue with the session without saying anything.

I did have him turn over, but otherwise, I worked with the throw blanket as the drape. He didn’t seem to mind and it didn’t bother me since he was still covered quite appropriately, and he thoroughly enjoyed the massage.

I certainly learned from my massage experience, though. Nowadays, when I have a new client, I always fold the sheets back a little with my hands so that where I want them to be is more clearly demonstrated.

So far, it worked!

Connor’s Awkward Massage Story Connor's Awkward Massage Story at spa reviews

The second story is from Connor Ennis. He’s a massage therapist at tantric top massage in London.

There are two instances where the massage session turned extremely awkward and thankfully, both the times it was an outcall appointment.

The therapist came to my residence.

So, the first time, I had called over a therapist because I wanted to try a Nuru massage. Heard a lot about it and thought it would be really interesting.

The masseuse comes and we both strip. She begins sliding on my back and then, she turned me over. Whilst massaging my chest, she kept getting stuck on my incredibly hairy chest.

Even the gel was not helping. After a couple of tries, we both ended up laughing for the rest of the session.

The other time, it was a prostate massage and this is the most awkward experience of my life. Halfway through the massage, I passed gas and her face just happened to be very near my arse. 😤

I asked her to leave, obviously! 😬