It’s been a long time I haven’t written anything. Moreover, there is no spa review for a very long time. Hence, I decided to publish a review. An authentic, nice & clean review. Therefore, I visited the Red Urban Spa located near LP Savani school in Vesu.

Now I didn’t plan to go directly to this spa but I accidentally visited. It was around the Diwali vacation of 2021. I don’t remember the exact date but maybe 7 Nov, Sunday I guess. Okay, leave that aside.

Here’s what happened with me at the spa.

I know the owner & I have a good amount of details about his previous & current works. I am not bragging but this is true. There’s not even a single spa in Surat city that I don’t know. More or less I have their history & geography.

When I visited this spa there were 3 people (all males) at the counter. One of them was the owner. It was probably afternoon time. A short guy greeted me at the reception. He escorted me to the waiting lounge & offered me a water bottle. Nice gesture & appreciable.

With a pen and paper, he started talking about the services. He also told me what are the rates. For instance, a 1-hour dry massage was around Rs.1100. Then cream or oil massage was Rs.1500 for 1-hour & so on. This continued for quite a couple of minutes & I was feeling sleepy. Without massage he made me feel sleepy.🤣🤣🤣

Hence, he continued his divine explanation. After all the explanation he insisted me on taking membership. In my lifetime I haven’t purchased any kind of spa membership. Such unnecessary demands.😜

Finally, I told him that I want a 1-hour oil massage & nothing else. By nothing else, I meant absolutely nothing. No extra services too. Nope. Plain and simple massage for relaxation only. Actually, I wanted to write a review and that’s the main reason why I visited this spa. Not necessary for this spa but it could have been anyone.

Okay, so I told him my requirement & he was happy with what I wanted.

Do you want extra services?

As soon as I said that I am not interested in extra services he was like, sir we have a therapist for this thing. After clearly telling him my need he was convinced that I am not for Boom Boom. Thai massage therapists call extra services as boom-boom. Funny, isn’t it?

Now we (the short guy & me) are talking about pure massage services only.

The short guy was annoying😖

The price was Rs.1500 for a 1-hour oil massage. It was fix rate. I told him about myself that I am a spa reviewer. I write about surat city spa services and all kinds of blah..blah. But no, he didn’t bargain. His price was still Rs.1500.

Lastly, I told him that other spas give the same services. Their price is only Rs.1000. How come I need to pay an extra Rs.500?

Sir, I don’t know about other spas but my price is this either take it or leave it said the short guy.

The short guy promised me to give the best massage therapist. She was an Indian. I was like “bro, Indian massage therapist knows tel malish not massage. He kept insisting on the massage at Rs.1500 by an Indian therapist.

I bargained and quoted Rs.1100. Still, his answer was NO. Finally, I quoted Rs.1200. Again NO. Pay Rs.1500 or get fuck outta here god damn it.😜

Yeah obviously he said that but in his mind or else I would have done his massage then and there for free & without oil.😛

Meanwhile, the owner was just looking at me from the reception counter. He was like what the fuck is going on with me. Okay, cut the crap. I just want to tell them one thing.

Don’t target the customer’s pocket. After almost 2-years you have got a chance to do business. Why do you want to ruin it with such arrogance? On what basis are you charging such an amount for a mere 1-hour massage.


I was super annoyed and got the hell out of there ASAP. It’s not like I can’t afford Rs.1500. But why do I pay for something which is overpriced? I even told him that I will have to write this also. And he was like shut the fuck up & get lost.🤣

Hence, I left the place. Will visit the Red Urban Spa again. This time I will pay whatever the price is and get a massage. I need to write the spa review that’s why.

Till then just hang on.