Full body massage includes a lot of things. However, it is measured and defined completely based on who is taking a massage.

For example, if a male is taking a full body massage then it can be a different encounter. On the other hand, if a female is taking a body massage then the story is completely different.

Additionally, the masseuse also plays an important role here. If the massage therapist is a girl then you can imagine what else would happen in a massage room. The same way if the masseuse is a male then it can be a regular massage provided the client is not a female.

But here my opinion differs. A whole-body massage session can hold lots of activities. It can be anything like a relaxing spa session or it can turn out to be a sensual experience as well. Either way, you are guaranteed to relax.

Let me tell you why and how. Let’s understand the basics first.

What is a full body massage?

female taking a full body massage

An entire body massage includes a 45 to 60 minutes massage therapy session. Here each and every body part is involved including the private ones. In short, right from head to toe, with bare minimum clothes. It also includes the use of aromatic oils to relax the muscle tension and jazz up the mood.

Completely removing your clothes or keeping them depends on your comfort level. In addition, it also depends on the gender of the massage therapist. Females may feel a bit awkward in minimal clothes in front of a male therapist. The theory is totally different in terms of male client & female therapist.

2 Types of full body massage

Here I have taken a different point of view. The types of full body massage when a massage therapist is either a male or a female

Massage by female therapist

It is quite normal and comfortable if the therapist and client both are female. However many times this can be beyond normal. But for general understanding let’s consider it perfectly fine. It is because both genders are the same. See the image below.

female to female full body massage

female to female full body massage

The situation is heated when a female therapist is assigned to a male client. You know what I am talking about. Read my spa reviews and you will know what happens in a massage room when opposite gender meets. The outcome can be totally different if a massage therapist is like the one below.

thai therapist thai girl

If the female therapist someone like her then you can imagine what else could happen during a massage

Or maybe someone like this…

thai therapist

Female massage therapist

Massage by a male therapist

male to male full body massage

male to male full body massage

The situation is exactly the same as discussed above. If the client is male then you can rest assured that the boys won’t have fun. Although this may not be true everywhere. But if the client is a female then it’s really going to be a pleasurable one. Google it and you will find all the personal experiences of people going to massage centers nearby.

More or less these massage sessions include real-time massage. Needless to mentions some reputed and authentic spas are exceptional. Yeah, we have some of them here in Surat as well. You go there, ask for extra services and they kick you out.

Now coming back to the original topic.

What actually happens during a full body massage?

It should be nothing more than a refreshing massage but things are different everywhere. A good massage can boil down to be everything else except a massage. That’s the reality.

A traditional full-body massage includes back, front, and head region. Starting from the backside, then front portion massage and finally the head massage. That’s a complete full body massage. The reality is the opposite.

You pay at the counter, change your clothes, get into your canvas knickers, the massage girl enters, she starts pouring oil over you, after 15 minutes you both are bargaining, compromising, pampering each other. Within 5 minutes you are finished and the next 5 minutes you are out of that place. Game over.

This is the scenario in every spa and massage center and Surat isn’t exceptional. And this is exactly what happens during a full body massage.