Here’s a couple of things one should do before a massage.

If you are taking a massage for the first time then it is obvious to have some questions in mind. We will be discussing the same today in this article.

However, there are no stringent regulations on doing things before or after a massage. But still, you need to watch out for certain red flags. If you see any of them you can postpone your massage date for later one. A delay of 24 hours can also make a significant difference in case you have an abnormality.

All these collectively focus on getting maximum benefits out of your massage session. Hence read the below guidelines carefully.

On the Massage Day

  • Eat something 1 hr to 2 hr before a massage at the latest.
  • Eat some fresh fruits or fruit juice.
  • Drink more water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks or hard drinks. (No alcohol at all)
  • Do some home-stretching to reduce pain.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and flat footwear.
  • Females shall avoid high heels, instead wear smaller heels.
  • Wrap up your hair if they are too long.
  • Take a shower if possible or else wipe your body with a wet towel.

Massage is about relaxing. It might happen that you may feel a bit anxious, nervous or uncomfortable. Don’t worry. It’s normal. Drink water and you will be fine.

The Reason Behind Feeling Anxious, Nervous or Uncomfortable

The whole idea of getting naked in front of a stranger (the massage therapist) is enough to make you feel this way. It’s quite natural. These feelings are not gendered. This may happen with a male or female.

Another reason might be the wild thoughts running throughout your mind. For example, how will the massage therapist belike? How will I ask for a happing ending? How will I negotiate with the masseuse? How will the massage session end? all these and a lot more.

Just relax. You are not on war. There’s a happy experience waiting out there. Lay down and close your eyes. Go for it.

In the Massage Room

When coming in to the massage room, be prepared to twilight, Asian music and oriental aroma. Change clothes to the ones prepared. Stay calm and concern about your comfort.

Remove all jewelry or watch. Either put them at home or keep it in a small container next to the bed near yourself. Next lay down and cover yourself with towel. Masseur will come when you are ready. If you are feeling uneasy cover body parts that are not being massaged.

During the massage

  • Above all try to calm down, don’t think about job or responsibilities.
  • Avoid breathing heavily. Set your breathing rhythm by focusing on masseur’s movements.
  • A traditional thai massage is very intense, close to the pain and pleasure at the same time.
  • If you have muscle pain, inform the masseur immediately.
  • Tell the massage therapist if the massage room temperature is too cold or hot.

If this is the first time you are taking a massage then you may feel some back pain, body ache or muscle tension. This is the natural body reaction and it will disappear in a few hours.

It is because the body has experienced tension after a long time. This may not happen with people who are regularly exercising. And also with those who are taking regular massage therapies.

After taking a massage

  • Oils and creams used for a massage are usually absorbed by the skin. Hence, don’t worry much about it.
  • Leave the canvas knickers, towels or bed sheets on the floor.
  • Ask for a traditional thai tea given after thai massage. I drink green tea.
  • If you want to tip the masseur, do it once the massage is over.
  • Stay quiet and calm after the massage session for atleast 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Leave a customer review about the massage services at the reception counter.
  • If possible give a positive review at the spa center’s official website or social media pages.

Remember, do not touch the thai spa girl or boy or any masseuse without their permission. Maintain decency and dignity. If someone feels uneasy because of your presence then just leave the room. Do not proceed forcefully.