The best massage experience is what an individual looking for when they visit a massage parlor. It is the same as you, me and everyone else. We all look forward to the best (naughtiest 😆) massage experience. Don’t we?

But the massage story I am going to share with you today will literally tickle your bones. I read it and found interesting enough to share it with you. So, this sensual massage experience is of Kayla Romero. She lives in Arlington, Texas in the USA. Kayla has been a former massage therapist and a waxing expert.

The massage story featured in one of her answers on a popular QnA site. Kayla shares some intimate secrets here. If you are keen to know more about her you can visit the link in this blog post.

The best massage experience story of Kayla takes us back in her massage school days. So let’s hear it from here.

Kayla Romero’s Best Massage Experience

When I was in massage school, we had to massage each other to get in our hours. There were a couple of really cute guys that were in my class. They asked me repeatedly if they could work on me. After a few days of begging, I finally gave in and agreed to let them give me a full body massage.

What I didn’t know was that I was getting both of them at the same time !!😝

I found out that they had planned this for a while. So I got off my dress and was face down on the massage table with my head in the face cradle. There was a small hand towel (like a traditional one) across my butt. The knock at the door came and I heard a voice say are you ready?

I replied yes and the door opened and closed. He said I’m going to start with your neck and shoulders. He started working on my neck and I felt another set of hands on me. I lifted my face out of the cradle and looked back and the other guy waved at me and said I’m going to start down here on your feet and legs.

He will work his way down, We will meet in the middle!

I said well since you both are here then go ahead. They both had amazing techniques. The guy doing my legs got way up in there to my upper thighs, he kept moving my legs farther apart. His hands moving higher and higher, it felt so good that I started to get turned on.

Then he said I’m going to start on your butt now, I replied sheepishly ok. I was now completely in their power. The towel that once covered me was now on the floor and I could feel 2 sets of hands-on my butt and upper thighs.

My legs were so far apart that my feet were off the table.

Then one of them said: do you want your crack done too? I said yes. All of a sudden I was like: did I just say yes? That’ what I heard come out of my mouth!

Suddenly there were lots of oily fingers massaging the crack of my butt. It felt so good. This went on for a few more minutes than I heard one of them say ok time to turn over. Typically is a full body massage is like half an hour up and half an hour down.

I flipped over and they did the same thing to my front.

They massaged everything. Yeah, literally everything.

When it was all over I said boy you guys weren’t kidding when you said full body massage. It was very embarrassing for me. I was unable to look them in the face again when they were talking to me. Needless to say that this never happened again.

So basically Kayla has a four-hand massage just like I had at the Coral Spa. Male to female massage. The only difference is I knew I am going for a 4 hand massage (2 female massage therapist) and Kayla didn’t know.

Meanwhile, Kayla has shared her views on females being offered extra services. Let’ read that short cameo.

Are Women Offered Extra Service Like Men During Massage?

I can’t speak for all massage therapists, but it is the norm that is expected by many women. It is not discussed with the client. I myself have brought many women to climax during the session. However, I have had no complaints.

Usually, it goes in a different way. If you have an eye to study the body language of your client then you can make out what goes in their mind. When you are massaging the middle section, you can tell by the body language if they want you to go further.

For instance, when they are face down and you are doing the inner thighs they will move their legs apart. Then I will ask them if they want me to go higher. And all have said yes it feels so good.

Clients start making sounds that they are enjoying it.😜

When the client is face up they will move their legs apart and put their feet together that is also a signal. All my female clients have always been repeating clients. They always ask for me.

To answer the main question that whether or not females are asked for extra services. So yes they are offered a complete and full body massage. In the beginning, I always ask them if they want to be covered during the entire session or not. Additionally, I also ask them if there are any body parts that I should stay away from.

This actually makes you comfortable as a massage therapist especially if you are a female.