Winter massage and the season winter both are great. The cold layer grips the city as it gets dark. Don’t you feel good in winter compared to summer? The days are short, it’s cold and we people in surat like to have Bhajiyas (fritters or fried pastry) with tea.

However, winter makes us a bit lazy. Though we always have a good option to tackle this laziness which can grow as the days get cooler.

Although a hot oil massage is an awesome way to feel happy and healthy during the months of winter. Additionally, it can be the best way to continue taking healthy measures in other areas of your life.

Winter Season of Surat City

Now let me tell you that Surat has a well balanced climatic condition. Unlike Jammu and Kashmir, it doesn’t have a heavy snowfall. Neither Surat experience a hard-hitting and bone-chilling winter.

We have a very short-lived Winter season. Every year I delay taking out my woolen jacket from the closet waiting for the cold to grow more strong. But that doesn’t happen because by the time I take out my jacket the Winter is gone.

There’s a big reason behind me telling this. I have lived in Mount Abu hostel for 14 years. And I know what is a bone-chilling Winter. Okay, now back to the winter massage job.

Why Winter Massage is Great?

Naturally cold weathers are depressive. And seasonal affective disorder is common during the winter season because of less natural sunlight. The feeling of unhappiness and negativity are common occurrences. What’s the solution?

A hot oil massage is the best solution. It can list your mood, give you relaxation, and a sense of rejuvenation. Scientifically speaking a massage helps the body release the serotonin and endorphin chemicals. They both are the same chemicals that your body produces when the sun shines.

What are the benefits of winter massage & why you must take one?

I enjoy taking a massage in winter a lot. Here are my top benefits of winter massage. However, I suggest you take one for yourself too. Let’s see what they are:

Massage keeps your skin soft

We all agree and we all know this. When we were kids our mom used to rub us with a yellowish oil sarso tel (mustard oil). It still smells very bad. The reason was and is dry skin. It gets worse as the cold increases.

The lower humidity and drop in temperature take out the moisture out of your skin. You then have to keep rubbing moisturizer creams and lotions to stop rashes and itchy skin sensation. Lotions and creams make you feel comfortable for some time.

On the other hand, if you take a full body massage using natural & essential oils it will not only treat your dry skin but also help you stay active the whole day. You feel more elasticity in your body while moisturizing your skin simultaneously.

I guess a weekly massage is less expensive compared to your monthly winter lotions and creams bills.

Winter massage helps in blood circulation

In winter we are kinda in a hibernate mode automatically. We don’t feel like running, walking or doing exercise daily. However, the good news is that massage is a great form of exercise. Especially dry thai massage. It boosts our blood circulation. A massage helps increases blog flow. In short, a massage helps your body function better with flexibility.

Keeps you fresh all day long

Because there’s less itching sensation on the skin due to dryness you feel fresh and active. That’s great news. And it can drastically cut down your expensive cream and lotion budget as discussed above. Hence, get a massage once in a week and stay fresh in the Winters too.

A full body massage is compulsory from head to toe. Rubbing only your hands and feet won’t do. If you are unable to take a massage every week then do it at home.

Take the help of a family member to rub your back and neck. The rest of the body parts are easily accessible by you hence not a problem.

Which oil is best for a full body massage?

Coconut oil is best for a winter body massage. Though you can use almond oil or jojoba oil for aroma and better results. These oils are easily available at any wholesale beauty product shops.

Other benefits of winter massage

Apart from regular hot oil massage, you can also take hot stone therapy. It can imagine how it feels when hot stones are placed on your energy points in cold weather.

These massages are particularly beneficial. It would be a good idea to communicate these ideas to your friends or family members, to encourage them to take a massage.


We find it more difficult to wake up early in the morning during winter. Also, we don’t feel sociable. We try to avoid bathing daily. Tell me if you agree with me or not because I don’t bath daily in winter.

We tend to become lazy and unproductive. In that case, a warm massage with soft hands can make you feel like heaven. Try it.

Make sure you experience the relaxing benefits of a warm, winter massage.